Shponga Reverie 003 – Survey

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Shponga Reverie 003 – Survey


125. Please, use the extra space provide to interact with us with whatever questions or comments you might want to add. Thank you for taking part in this survey.

1. Why are they using a chair to put that tryptich on? They should’ve used a more classic stand for that? (Milva Gechnenya

2. Is that Persis Khambatta? I loved her in Star Trek… ( Gilga Rubirosa

3. Where did your set designer get those yellowish bathroom tiles? I’ve been looking for replacements in my kitchen and I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Please, could you tell me the name of the shop? ( Dorothy Mae Johnson

[Editor’s Note: This week’s panel comes from DC Comics’ Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 by Joe Casey and ChrisCross.  Want more Shpongelettes? Send us your panel suggestions for their channel surfing]