10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 06.19.09

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1. I found it very interesting that despite the fact CM Punk has not actually turned heel yet he got a lot of heat during the in ring opening. I think the only direction to take Punk now is the full on heel route, because everyone is already in the mindset that he’s the bad guy right now. I know that Punk is meant to be working the tweener role, but quite frankly WWE just don’t seem to be able to book Punk as a tweener.

2. I was not impressed by the Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho match. These men have put on far superior matches with each other, and given the fact that they only had five minutes they didn’t really have the opportunity to put on a first class match.

3. How was it not obvious that Mysterio was one of the three sitting in the crowd. As soon as I saw them there during the Jericho/ Hardy match I just knew what was coming.

4. Ziggler’s chair stunt totally reminded me of Eddie Guerrero’s lie, cheat and steal method. Fun times.

5. Alicia Fox is slowly convincing me that she deserves a job. Very slowly mind, and I expect that would vanish if she had a match that lasted over a few minutes.

6. In my opinion, John Morrison and Edge stole the show tonight. Not only was their in ring back and forth one of the best back and forth’s in recent weeks, but their match was excellent. They were given a good amount of time and really went all out to put on a top class match.

7. Tied into point 6, how great is it to see John Morrison involved in matches with main event players. We’ve recently seen him face Chris Jericho, and now he goes out and puts on a great show against Edge. Hopefully this develops into a feud and we get Morrison vs. Edge at the Bash.

8. Fun six man tag match if only for putting R-Truth and Cryme Time together on the same team. Give them a sitcom and I shall watch.

9. The title vs. Mask match was so predictable. However that doesn’t mean the match won’t be exciting. These two have already proven they can put on some great encounters and with this hopefully being the blowoff match for the feud the amount of work that deserves to go into their pay per view match will hopefully make it a classic.

10. The main event had everything a good tv main event needs. A solid performance from both wrestlers, some good psychology between both men and Chris Jericho providing some great commentary. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the pair in a lengthier match down the line.