A Modest Blog on the Bash Raw Title Match

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WWE have apparently decided to book themselves into a corner to help USA out. They’re giving away what should be the main event of the Bash, a last man standing match between Triple H and Randy Orton for the title. This could be worked around, but with the Bash only a week away there isn’t time for very many other options.

One option is certainly foreshadowed by ECW’s booking. ECW is using Mike Adamle’s Scramble match for their title. Raw certainly has the 6 wrestlers to make this work, with Cena, Orton, Triple H, Big Show, MVP and Miz. The problem here is that we just had a four-way to determine the champion and two matches in which there is no guarantee the best man is involved in the win serves to over saturate the market for these matches and devalue what is the WWE’s top tier title. Still, it gets everyone on PPV and the match could serve as a storyline builder with either a new champion or a few surprise pinfalls to change things up.

The other option will be obvious if the big title match is anywhere but at the main event slot of Raw. In that case, the logical scenario would be legacy interference costing Triple H his title shot. After this new owner Donald Trump could “give the fans what they want” by putting H and Orton into a Hell in a Cell. There is no great draw on this show, so if the WWE wants it to succeed, they might bust out their biggest gimmick, knowing that to many fans Hell in a Cell will sell a show. Of course, with only a week’s build, getting the word out about this big match would be an issue and perhaps hurt the shows sales and the buys for what could be a big draw when it is broken out.

Both matches have their potential plusses and minuses, but I’m looking for the Scramble to be the choice. With that they can, hopefully, get the belt out of the Hunter vs. Orton feud, allowing the Hell in the Cell to come later on, probably at Summerslam to keep a top show with a big feel. Miz could help his issue with Cena, setting up a three way with he and Big Show using the scramble, and someone like MVP could take the belt and face a fresh challenger, hopefully Shawn Michaels. The opportunities of the Scramble are great, if the WWE really wanted to pull the trigger and shake everything up.

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Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.