Interviews: Jericho Says Smackdown > Raw. Plus: Ted Dibiase

In an interview with Eric Cohen at, Chris Jericho explained why he thinks Smackdown is a better show than Raw right now:

I think a lot of that has to do with the acquisitions of Punk and myself. With Mysterio, Hardy, Edge, and the Undertaker coming back I think there are some great combinations and some great matches to be had. I really honestly believe it is the better show of the two right now.

He also talks about Misawa’s death, acting (from his guest spot on Aaron Stone tonight to a possible role in a WWE Films vehicle), his next biography, the return of Fozzy, WCW vs. WWE, and a possible feud with the Undertaker. He even has advice for aspiring wrestlers.

Speaking of that, <a href=”Ted Dibiase talks about how Harley Race was instrumental in getting him and his father in to the business after his grandfather’s death (following a match with Race) in an interview with Cheryl Anderson at the Appleton Post Crescent.

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