Kurt Angle Interview: New TNA Champ Talks Acting, MMA, X-Division

Get yer Kurt Angle interviews! They include:

PW Torch’s James Caldwell has choice quotes of Angle’s interview with the Pain Clinic Radio Show. In them, he talks about his post wrestling plans to go in to acting full time and why he didn’t make the transition to MMA/UFC. Angle’s sticking to his story that the only reason he didn’t sign with UFC is that Dana White wouldn’t allow him to do pro wrestling part time. Angle says that he went as far as passing the tests to become licensed to fight in Las Vegas. A real journalist would probably look that up. Being a link blogger, I’ll just let that pass without comment.

Caldwell has further excerpts from Angle’s interview, where he talks about his desire to elevate the X-Division by competing in it. He also talks about TNA’s need to create its own stars and not rely on “WWE cast offs.” Caldwell does not say if he says this with even the slightest hint of irony and I don’t have time to listen to the interview to verify that.

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