Rey Mysterio & Vickie Guerrero Updates

Rey Mysterio is still in discussions with WWE about a new contract. There were rumours that he had given his notice last week but those turned out to be incorrect. The main sticking point is over money, since Mysterio generates a lot of revenue through merchandise but revenues in general are still down. AAA are believed to be prepared to offer him a seven-figure annual salary should his relationship with WWE break down.

There was some discontent backstage about the way Vickie Guerrero was written out of the company. A lot of her final segment with Edge was edited out of the replays of Raw as they were deemed too offensive. A number of people felt that Eddie Guerrero would have been very unhappy about his wife being verbally abused by the material that was written about her appearance, even amongst those who felt Eddie would have had no problem with his own death being exploited for storylines purposes. A lot of the talent went up to Vickie to thank her for her stellar performances after her final appearance. She has two teenage daughters at home and, as a single mother, was not expecting to be gone two or three days per week when she first got into the role.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 22 June 2009 (subscribe here)

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