The Spectacular Spider-Man, Season 2 Premieres TONIGHT @ 7pm EST!


Quoting’s Eric Goldman: It took way too long – especially as we knew Canada and Bulgaria were getting to see the episodes! – but The Spectacular Spider-Man‘s second season is finally here in America. One of last year’s best new series, Season 2 continues very shortly after Season 1 left off, on the heels of Gwen and Peter’s big kiss.

The plan for The Spectacular Spider-Man is for each season to cover a few months in Peter’s high school life, and while Season 1 took us through fall, the premiere of Season 2 is very firmly set in winter. There’s an impressive commitment here to not let this be a minor aspect of the story, and I once again have to commend how Supervising Director Greg Weisman and his collaborators are able to follow a character as familiar as Spider-Man and still bring up interesting new facets of how he would function – such as the humorous exploration here of just how cold it would be to wear the Spider-Man suit in the middle of winter, and how Peter tries to battle that fact.


Season Two of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, as imagined by GARGOYLES creator Greg Weisman with character designs by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway premieres tonight at 7pm on Disney XD – check your local listings for where your carrier lists that channel. Don’t miss it!