Taz Talks Slammiversary, Adamle, Bret, Austin, Heyman

Taz’s latest Facebook update features his thoughts on a number of subjects, including his presumed future employer. He watched Slammiversary last night and didn’t expect Joe to literally hand Kurt Angle the World Title. He also says he enjoyed the show and is a “BIG FAN!” of TNA.

Taz also fields questions about his career from fans. He says his dream feud would be with Bret Hart, that he wishes he’d had a longer feud with Steve Austin, that he still talks with Paul Heyman, and that his decision to enter the business had more to do with making money than chasing a dream, since he was living in his parents’ basement when he started training.

Oh, and he also talks about working with Mike Adamle:

I had fun working with Mike BEHIND THE SCENES! He is a great guy, who is actually very funny! On air it was very tough because Mike was in over his head. So than I was put in a position were I had never been were I was doing the “play by play” at the announce desk. Bottomline, he didn’t belong in an broadcaster position at that level. Zero experience calling matches or telling stories…..the powers that be thought Mike was gonna replace JR.

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