TNA News on Mistico, Cibernetico & Frank Trigg


TNA was at one point going to hold the World X Cup 2009 in the Arena Mexico with CMLL, using Hector Guerrero as a consultant. However, CMLL has not been using TNA on its shows on a regular basis like last year. TNA wanted to be able to book Mistico but CMLL refused as they wanted to keep him on their own shows. TNA also enquired about Cibernetico but he does not speak English and much of his appeal in Mexico is his promos.

Frank Trigg has been in talks with TNA about returning there but his four-fight UFC contract negates that possibility as it bars him from doing pro-wrestling at the same time. He has talked about becoming a full-time wrestler after retiring from MMA. TNA was said to have lost interest in him due to his inability to commit when working there earlier.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 22 June 2009 (subscribe here)