ECW Real-Time Coverage for 6/23/2009

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The Bash is coming up (what happened to “Great American”?) and Tommy Dreamer will have to defend his title in a Scramble match.  I really thought the Scramble match would be confined to the Unforgiven PPV but that just shows what I know.  Tonight we’ll have a tag team match with 4 of those 5 participants. Finlay is left out but I’m sure he’ll have something to say about that.  On with the show!


Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are your hosts.


Evan Bourne’s music hits and he heads to the ring.  He still has his ribs taped from the repeated beatings he’s gotten from Mark Henry lately.  The Hart Dynasy music hits and they head to the ring.  Tyson “Dynamite” Kidd will be wrestling tonight.


Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya and David Hart Smith) vs. Evan Bourne

The bell rings and they lock up.  Armlock from Bourne.  To the corner and Kidd with some elbows.  Irish whip reversal sends Kidd to the opposite corner and Bourne rushes in.  He’s back body dropped but lands on the apron.  David Hart Smith gets on the apron as well when the ref’s back is turned and Natalya is up on the opposite side.  Ref sees both Dynasty members and sends them both to the back! It’s one on one now.  Bourne hits a dropkick.  Kidd is outside and Bourne hits the dive.  Back in and Kidd gets in control.  Submission hold.  Kidd goes for a suplex but Bourne counters into a pinning combination.  Two count.  Kidd back in control.  He sends Bourne to the corner hard.  Front face lock and he drapes Bourne over the top rope.  Cover for two.  Irish whip to the corner and Bourne gets the elbow up as Kidd heads in.  Bourne to the top and hits the cross body.  Cover for two.  Rollup on Kidd for two.  Kick to the face from Bourne.  Irish whip to the ropes.  Kidd stops himself but gets caught in an Inziguri.  Another kick and cover for two.  Kidd is down and Bourne goes to the top and hits the shooting star press!  1,2,3!


Winner: Evan Bourne Good opening match.  I’m very surprised Bourne got the win as Kidd’s push was in full force. 


We recap last week and Finlay’s actions. 


Commercial break.


Here comes Finlay to the ring.  He grabs a mic and says he needs to explain a few things.  People have asked  why he did what he did last week.  He broke up a fight between Dreamer and Christian and got an eye injury.  No one reached out to him except by text while he wondered if he was ever going to return to the ring.  Last week wasn’t a stab in the back, it was an eye for an eye.  Zack Ryder interrupts him and says Finlay and his bum eye shouldn’t look to the Bash but to tonight’s match with Ryder.  WhooWhooWhoo.



Asfjkapo f09 u= 90m0inlay vs. Zack Ryder

We join the match in progress and Finlay has the upper hand.  Elbow to the head.  Side headlock and Ryder moves him to the corner.  He hits Finlay with some shoulder blocks.  Finlay and Ryder in a test of strength.  Finlay outsmarts him and chains him ending in an armbar.  Short clothesline.  Uppercut from Finlay.  Another uppercut.  Ryder with a shot to the midsection.  Blows in the corner.  Finlay counters the irish whip and gets another armlock.  Finlay thrown to the corner and they butt heads as Ryder goes after him.  Finlay covers up his injured eye.  Ryder takes control and stands on his head.  Ryder throws Finlay’s head into the turnbuckle.  Finlay down and covered for two.  Chinlock from Ryder.  Finlay tries to break out but gets thrown back down to the mat.  Knee to the head from Ryder.  Fist to the injured eye.  Another knee to the head.  Ryder trash talks a bit.  Eye rake from Ryder and another knee.  Eye rake again.  Side headlock.  Finlay throws him off with an armdrag but gets caught in a clothesline.  Ryder to the top but jumps onto the boot.  Finlay fighting back.  Reverse atomic drop.  Ryder sends him to the ropes and gets kicked going for the back body drop.  Finlay in control.  Hits the Rolling Hills.  Cover for two.  Irish whip and back body drop from Finlay.  Ryder up and knees Finlay in the eye again.  Ref checks on Finlay and Ryder unlaces the top turnbuckle.  Ryder goes for Finlay but gets rolled up for three!  Finlay had a hold of the tights.


Winner: Finlay

Decent match.  Ryder needs to learn some more offense.


Commercial break.


We’re back with the Raw Rebound.  I thought the Last Man Standing match was great.  I know a lot of people are sick of the Triple H-Randy Orton matches, but I can’t get enough.  Then again, I was one of the few that loved their Wrestlemania match.  Just my opinion, though.  The Donald Trump angle was short and sweet.  Also, it was weird to see McMahon play both heel (Trump stuff) and face (making the 3 Stages of Hell match) in one show. 


Matt Striker is in the ring with his chalkboard to explain the championship match at the Bash.  Two superstars start in the ring and every 5 minutes a new superstar enters.  After 20 minutes, the last superstar to score a submission or pinfall will be the winner.  He then throws it to Gregory Helms in the back.  He is interviewing Mark Henry and in the middle, a stagehand calls for help.  A big crate has fallen on him.  HURRICANE shows up and saves him while Henry looks on bewildered.  Hurricane leaves and Helms is back asking Henry a question.  Henry is confused.




The “All-American American” Jack Swagger is heading to the ring.  Mark Henry soon follows.  Next up are Christian and your ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer.


Tommy Dreamer and Christian vs. Jack Swagger and Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas)

Swagger and Christian start things.  Lock up and Swagger powers Christian to the corner.  Clean break.  Another lock up and Swagger shoots and takes down Christian.  Christian fights to his feet but gets clubbed in the back.  Side headlock from Christian after getting to his feet.  To the ropes and Christian slides under and then hits a back kick.  Tag to Dreamer and he jumps off the second rope with a clubbing blow.  Armbar from Dreamer on Swagger.  Swagger reverses and clubs Dreamer.  He tags in Henry.  Big right from Henry.


My computer totally froze up and we’re at commercial.  Before the break, Christian and Dreamer cleared the ring.  Sorry for the technical mishap.


We’re back and Swagger and Christian are the participants.  Swagger in control but Christian is fighting out and hits an uppercut off the second rope.  He gets the tag and Dreamer is in.  He takes out Henry as well.  Neckbreaker from Dreamer on Swagger.  Cover for two.  Dreamer hangs Swagger upside down in the corner and we know what’s coming.  ECW!  Hits the baseball slide.  Henry starts to come in and Christian dows as well.  Ref is distracted by Christian and Henry hits Dreamer from behind.  Swagger takes advantage and kicks and punches him down.  He tags in Henry who steps on Dreamer.  Irish whip and clothesline from Henry.  Henry tags in Swagger.  Swagger with a running clothesline.  Head to the turnbuckle.  Irish whip reversed and Swagger to the corner.  Hits the elbow on the running Dreamer.  Swagger runs into a spinebuster.  Tags from both teams.  Christian gets the upper hand on Henry.  Henry recovers and sends Christian to the corner.  He goes off the second rope with an uppercut.  Then to the top with a missile dropkick.  Swagger in the ring but Christian disposes of him.  Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Christian reverses and goes for a sunset flip.  Henry isn’t going over and Swagger tags himself in.  He goes for the gutwrench powerbomb but it’s reversed.  Christian HITS the Killswitch.  Cover and Atlas drapes Swagger’s leg over the ropes.  Two count.  Dreamer takes out Atlas.  Christian jumps on Henry but Henry catches him and rams him into the ringpost.  He sends Christian back in and Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb.  1,2,3!


Winners: Jack Swagger and Mark Henry

Postmatch, Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Dreamer and then on Swagger!  Henry leaves as the only man standing.


Pretty good show   I’m looking forward to the Bash.  Let’s hope the Championship Scramble is a great one.  See you next week, kids.


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