Neill's A-Z of Awesomeness vol. 2 (G-J)

[Editor’s Note: thanks everyone for the uber-enthusiastic response to the first volume (A-F) of our new feature! The rampant army of Whedonites who invaded our site will probably be quite happy with today’s batch new four letters. Don’t forget to follow our daily updates on Twitter @comicsnexus, and visit Neill’s twitterblog or  Facebook Group to vote for the next entries!]

The A-Z of Awesomeness is an ongoing project by Neill Cameron, in which he draws a picture each day, of stuff that is Awesome, for the letters A-Z. It’s pretty high concept.

Prepare to be Awesomed:


[Click on each of the boxes for full-sized images (recommended, trust us).]

G is for... Galactus Geeking out with his Glove puppets of Gundam and Godzilla

G is for... Galactus Geeking out with his Glove puppets of Gundam and Godzilla

Neill Says:  Now, I realise that what with the pics for D and F, we’ve now had an awful lot of entries featuring characters from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four. I would defend this apparent limiting of scope by pointing out that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four, taken as a body of work, achieves a degree of Aweseomeness almost unparalleled in western popular culture. Also, I just totally wanted to draw Galactus.

H is for... Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half

H is for... Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half

Neill Says: There! This is what you wanted! Are you happy now?

This was suggested by Edwin Austin on the Neill’s A-Z Facebook group, and it seemed like a bunch of other people wanted to see it, so here you go. I started out with a version where Harry 20, Hellboy and Harry Potter were holding Hello kitty down while Hagar Hacked Her in Half, but it had a weird mysogynistic vibe and I kind of creeped myself out, so you get the more actiontastic version above.

You will note that Hagar is drawn in my own usual style, whereas Hello Kitty just looks like Hello Kitty. The reasoning for this is that if you take away the iconic abstraction of creator Dik Browne’s style from Hagar you are left with a grumpy fat smelly-looking viking, which is a fun thing to draw in itself, whereas if you take away the iconic abstraction of Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty you are left with precisely nothing.

I is for... Indiana Jones Inching Away from an Inebriated Iron Man

I is for... Indiana Jones Inching Away from an Inebriated Iron Man

Neill Says: This was suggested by Davey Candlish on the Facebook Group. Seemed like a lot of people wanted to see an Inebriated Iron Man, so I hope this is satisfactory. Look, he’s got all sick on him, ho ho ho.

J is for... Joss. Just Joss.

J is for... Joss. Just Joss.

Neill says: Here is today’s EXTRA SEXY installment of the A-Z of Awesomeness!

There was a landslide of votes for Joss Whedon, but very few suggestions for what, specifically, he should be doing, so I decided to read between the lines and give all you Whedonians what you really, really want.

[Editor’s Note – Update: We’ve just been informed that today -in a creepy but happy confluence of… things- is Joss Whedon’s birthday! Happy Birthday Joss, from everyone at the Nexus 🙂 ]

So weird. I guess I drew him in the right suit, hey? BOOM BOOM!

Anyway, here is an important announcement: I’ve had a bit of feedback on the A-Z from a very important if slightly unexpected corner: my Dad. He writes:

“I am a little surprised that your A-Z of awesomeness has no dinosaurs, no Transformers, no characters from HHGG or LOTR; but early days yet, I suppose.”

Well done, people. you have made my father disappointed in me. Well, more disappointed, anyway. Suggest more Transformers and dinosaurs, already.

It is never too late to join in the suggesting-things-that-are-Awesome fun. Suggestions now being taken for ‘K’, ‘L’ and ‘M’. You can chip in your ideas on FacebookTwitter, on Neill’s blog, or in the comments section here… hell, you can probably just go out in your garden and shout really loudly and I’m sure one way or another it’ll get onto the internet.

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