Table For Three – DVD Review


Funny story about this movie. I was just looking at it one day after watching it a few times, and I noticed it was rated R for nudity. And I was running through the movie in my head trying to remember the nudity. Then the strip club scene starts and I remembered what the nudity was, my cousin was laughing because that was the scene I forgot.

I don’t even feel that bad about forgetting that scene because there is so much other awesomeness in the movie. There is a funny line almost every scene, and while not every joke hits, most of them do. And the array of jokes his huge too. People from any generation will find something to laugh at, although I wouldn’t condone showing this movie to the elderly…

It’s a simple story really, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, and boys psychotic friends try to destroy the relationship so they keep their third wheel. Yeah, it’s that crazy. But while the story feels crazy, it’s got a hint of realism and at the same time spoofism, if thats a word. This is not a spoof, but it does kind of poke fun at the typical Hollywood romance movie where a guy and girl meet and 15 minutes later they are madly in love. Anyone actually have that happen and work out? And in that sense, the crazy people in the movie are probably the sanest people in the real world. Ok maybe not, they’d still be bat shit crazy.

And that’s what makes the movie. Sophia Bush and Jesse Bradford throw themselves into the annoying couple role so fully that they just kill it. All the stuff they do is crazy and over-the-top and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but at the same time it’s got the hint of “Ok, they really think this is what’s best for their friend and they’re really trying to be helpful.” It puts a nice little seed of doubt in your head as to whether Brandon Routh’s character is greatly overreacting to what they do, or if they really are nuts. I’m going with they really are nuts, but you can decide for yourself.

Speaking of Brandon’s character, he’s kind of a hopeless romantic who rushes into every relationship. One of the opening scenes is him asking his girlfriend to marry him after 3 months….ish. After that blows up in his face his only friend moves to Germany leaving him completely alone in his apartment. In LA. Where I’m assuming rent is not cheap. So he needs a new roommate. Enter “The Perfect Couple”. High school sweethearts who have never gone out with anyone but each other. Perfectly sweet and helpful and deeply, deeply disturbed.

When the three of them are out one evening the lovely Jennifer Morrison comes in to see some friends that happen to know Sophia and Jesse’s characters, and this leads to a spark between Jennifer and Brandon. This becomes the main theme for the rest of the movie. Jennifer’s character is basically the female version of Brandon’s character in that they’re both romantics who rush into relationships. They talk about moving in together on the third date. I’m still trying to get a phone number by the third date. That was a joke, relax.

As Jennifer and Brandon’s relationship moves forward Sophia and Jesse sense that they are losing their third wheel and try to break the two of them up, or as they put it, slow the relationship down. And that’s where the mental dynamic of what they are actually trying to do comes in.

Table For Three is presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
It looks ok, sounds is good. The movie is a little dark at times, but it’s on purpose. Watching the commentary gives you a little bit of a look at how much the lighting crew had to do for the movie so I’m not bashing them because I know how much work that is. But still, little dark in places.

Commentary with the Director.
Three’s a Crowd Featurette
A Trailer.

Blah, blah, blah, move on.

Great movie. It’s funny, it’s got the romance for the ladies. It’s got Sophia Bush in panties for the guys and Jesse Bradford in tighties for the ladies. Go buy this movie, if only so that “Eat ass cake, bitch” catches on and I can be one of the people on the leading edge of that saying. It’s fun, you’ll love it, I did.


Starz Media Presents Table For Three. Directed by Michael Samonek. Starring Brandon Routh, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Bradford. Written by Michael Samonek. Running time: 93 minutes. Rated R. Released on DVD: June 23rd, 2009. Available at


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