TNA Impact Tapings Results

The latest inanities from Orlando’s finest…

– Brother Ray beat Brutus Magnus in a Street Fight. Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Kiyoshi and Bashir all attacked Ray during the match. Brother Devon made the save with a chair. Kiyoshi went through a table with a 3D. Ray handed out bits of the table to the audience.

– Kurt Angle came out with the TNA title and the Main Event Mafia (without Sting). He introduced their latest member, Samoa Joe. Angle said it was Jenna Morasca’s investment money that convinced Joe to join. Angle apologised to Sting for not informing him. Mick Foley came out to tell Angle he owes him a rematch at Victory Road. Angle says his contract allows him to choose his opponent. Huh? Angle says they should go to Foley’s office to negotiate (make out).

– Kevin Nash beat Abyss thanks to Dr Stevie running out to use a taser on Abyss. Lauren came out to check on Abyss afterwards.

– Beer Money came out to offer Team 3D a rematch but Scott Steiner and Booker T interrupted them. They talked about the Steiner Brothers and Harlem Heat being better teams than Beer Money. Since Angle is now running things (huh?) they get a tag title shot next. 3D came out to say they are getting the shot since they have an offer for Foley that he cannot refuse. Ham?

– Taylor Wilde beat Daffney in a Knockouts 10,000 Thumbtacks Match.

– Scott Steiner beat Robert Roode.

– A.J. Styles calls out Samoa Joe. He wants to know if Joe sold out for the money. He demands answers but Joe tells him he can ask again at Victory Road. Matt Morgan helps Joe beat on A.J. until Christopher Daniels makes the save. Nash, Booker and Steiner make the counter-save. Sting turns up and the Mafia leave. Security helps A.J. and Daniels leave. Jobbers. The Mafia meander back to the ring, with Angle restraining Joe from attacking Sting, who says it was because of punks like Joe that the Mafia was founded. Sting confronts the Mafia but Nash tells him that his plan was not working. It was not about honour, dignity and respect but, like Angle said, it was all about the money. Sting offers Nash the chance to hit him with his baseball bat and turns his back on him. He pulls out a second bat and hits Nash first. He fights off most of the Mafia but Joe grabs the other bat and beats on him. Nash powerbombs Sting and the Mafia stand tall over their former leader.

– James Storm beat Booker T by DQ after Booker hit Storm on the head with a beer bottle.

– Amazing Red beat Cody Deaner.

– Tara & Amazing Kong beat The Beautiful People. Kong pinned Velvet Sky. Tara put a tarantula on Sky’s stomach after the match.

– Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe beat A.J. Styles & Jeff Jarrett when Angle made Jarrett pass out. As the Mafia celebrated, A.J. hit Joe with the Legends title belt. The Mafia beat him down as the lights go out. They come back on and Sting is in the ring, fending off the Mafia with a baseball bat. He grabs the TNA title belt and the lights go out again. They come back on and Sting has vanished with the title belt.

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