A Modest Blog on Finlay in the ECW Title picture and Tyson Kidd

Plopping Finlay squarely in the middle of the ECW World Title picture is an absolutely strange decision. He, Tommy Dreamer and Christian are the entire quality veteran presence on ECW, a show designed for young guys to learn the ropes from vets, get television exposure, and then go on to bigger and better things.

Jack Swagger is the only young guy currently working with the top vets, so he’s the only one benefiting and learning from them in the ring. Finlay was, prior to this, working out with the already impressive Hart Dynasty. Finlay is credited by Lance Storm, among others, as being the best choice to help young guys learn and with the Dynasty’s already impressive skills, he could help take them to a whole new level. Of course, with Swagger already working with Dreamer and Christian, he didn’t need the immediate upgrade to Finlay, particularly since he mostly finds himself on the same side as the former road agent. The only reason I can think of for the rushing of this entire angle is that Swagger isn’t long for ECW and they want to get some time in with Finlay before he goes. That would leave the Hart’s and Evan Bourne with three vets free and ready for feuds so that they could separate themselves from the pack and earn their spots on one of the WWE’s bigger shows.

Of the three, as much as I love Bourne, the star should be Tyson Kidd. He has a unique look, but has been absolutely brilliant at the little things in the ring. He’s got the potential to grow into a Chris Jericho type, which is to say the perfect blend between Bret Hart’s nuanced approach and Shawn Michaels flair for the dramatic. Yes, those are heavy names I’m throwing around in connection to Kidd, but that’s where what his potential portends.

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