UFC 100: Alves, St. Pierre Focused On Welterweight Title


UFC 100 has been hyped as the greatest event in the history of mixed martial arts, let alone the organization, with a card that is loaded from top to bottom with top notch fighters and two title bouts.

With such an event on the brink of occurrence, fans and fighters alike are feeling the hype, as it rises to a level never reached by any other event the UFC has bestowed upon the mixed martial arts community.

The main card features five impressive match ups, including a title fight between Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar for the heavyweight belt, along with a welterweight showdown between champion Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves.

The UFC has scheduled two media conference calls for this event of epic proportions, with the first taking place yesterday, June 25, featuring welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, and the challenger Thiago Alves.

The fighters were given the opportunity to answer questions regarding the UFC’s past, their upcoming bout, along with thoughts they had toward one another. However, while each fighter gave his due to his opponent, the intense focus and preparation described was what took the conversation to a higher level.

The challenger Thiago Alves has not once underestimated his opponent in Georges St. Pierre. However, he has not underestimated this opportunity either, seeing it as one he was destined to achieve one day.

“I think I was born for this. I was made for that day,” stated Alves on his first title shot in the UFC, a shot he has been awaiting for some time now.

“I knew I was going to fight for the title for a while, and I knew I was going to fight GSP,” said Alves. “I have been preparing myself for this fight for a while.”

St. Pierre also displayed his focus as he explained what exactly his mind is set on during his mental preparation for this upcoming title defense.

“Every time I am fighting a tougher opponent than I fought the time before,” explained the Canadian. “I am really good at focusing on what I got to do, and taking away all the distractions that I have, and focusing on the main thing. The main thing for me is to win my fight.”

The focus, however, did not remain on the mental aspect of these two UFC fighters, as insight was given on the exact thoughts they each had toward one another as a fighter.

Alves showed his focus when asked about St. Pierre’s skill in the area of takedowns, displaying he understood the full danger of a fighter like St. Pierre.

“You have to be careful with him everywhere. Takedowns are just one of his weapons,” stated the challenger. “He is a dangerous striker and has got great Jiu-Jitsu.”

St. Pierre was full of respect for his opponent, as well, when it came to Alves’ skill as a mixed martial artist.

St. Pierre spotlighted Alves’ entire game, stating that “he has devastating leg kicks” to go along with “great knees, a great left hook”, and “heavy hands”, focusing on the offensive prowess his opponent possesses.

However, St. Pierre also revealed that he was well prepared for all the Brazilian could offer.

“I have been studying a lot of tape and I have a specific strategy that I will use to take him out of his comfort zone,” stated St. Pierre.

Alves revealed that his preparation was equally as great.

“I have been training with the best wrestlers, strikers, and jiu-jitsu guys in the world. I am well prepared for this fight,” stated Alves.

Both fighters will soon display their preparation, as the welterweight championship bout is set to take place at the incredibly hyped UFC 100, hosted by the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 11th. With the welterweight belt on the line, Alves and St. Pierre continue in preparation for their fight featured on what is being called “a card for the ages”.

With the fight merely weeks away, the mental and physical preparation will come down to their final stages, and the fighters will tune up their game plans as the stronger Alves seeks to gain welterweight gold, as St. Pierre looks to defend it.

The focus these fighters have attained is clearly on a separate level from most, something that has launched them into the positions they now find themselves in. This same focus will lead these two warriors through the final stages of preparation, and grant one of them the UFC welterweight title of the world.