WWE News On Burchill, Morrison, Bourne, Dreamer, Legacy, Punk

Gregory Helms passed on news that Paul Burchill’s brother died in Afghanistan on his Twitter page, explaining why Burchill hasn’t been on TV in weeks. Our condolences go out to Burchill and his family.

The Fresno Bee’s Rick Bentley has an interview with John(ny) Morrison, where he talks about his journey from OVW to WWE:

“There were about 60 people at the show. My parents were there and they started wondering about my career choice,” Morrison says

He also comments on his many name changes and being K-Fed’s trainer during his feud with John Cena, which is probably still the biggest angle of his career to this point.

Evan Bourne thanks his fans for their support and announces he’ll be getting a t-shirt on his WWE Universe Blog.

Tommy Dreamer was interviewed by the Manilla Times’ Angelo Cantera. He recaps his glory days in the original ECW and says that he’s looking forward to defending the ECW Title in Manila on July 10th, which seems pretty optimistic on his part. Cantera also devotes a fair chunk of the article to talking about the danger of pro wrestling, bringing up the deaths of Owen Hart and Mitsuharu Misawa, which is something you don’t usually see in these kinds of promotional interviews.

PWI’s Mike Johnson passes along word from contributor Keith Lipinski that CM Punk was spotted at a Rancid/Rise Against concert last night.

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