Before UFC 100: A Method to the Badness

With UFC 100 rapidly approaching, the world of Mixed Martial Arts is at its pinnacle in these times.  While there is ever room for improvement, the UFC is at its highest point right here right now.

The evolution of the fight game as a whole and the UFC has been an impressive yet rocky one.  What was once a contest to prove what one style was most dominant has become a contest of who can best mix and match varying styles to become the most dominant.

No longer does the style make the fighter, the fighters now showcase the styles.  Even still, some fighters and styles go together like peas and carrots.  Not all fighters must excel at all, especially when they are particularly deadly in one.

Not all fight styles were created equal but a great equalizer can be the fighters themselves.  Even in these times, certain rifts exist in approaches regardless of discipline.

This article will discuss the very different approaches of two top shelf athletes prepared to meet at UFC 100.

Beginning with the welterweight champion, the ever improving Georges “Rush” St. Pierres.  GSP (as he is commonly known) is considered the prototype for the future of the sport, the blueprint for the perfect MMA athlete.

This man has single handed changed the idea of what a fighter must do to become successful in the sport.  He has taken what is a world class fighting ability and molded it in the spirit of every facet of MMA.

Everything ranging from devastating ground and pound, set up by Olympic level wrestling, lighting fast speed, and cardio that would destroy the energizer bunny, is carrying this man into the future of the sport.

His resume includes defeats over the biggest names in the sport, and even a few living legends.  His road to greatness traveled right through the enemy territory of the legendary  Champion B.J. Penn, and historical WW Champion Matt Hughes.

GSP has been forged in the fires of battle with no one but the absolute best and his pedigree reflects it clearly.  His strength of schedule, if you will, is unrivaled.

He fights very effectively with precise flawless technique, matched with his impeccable fight prowess, and the relentless attack of so many styles.  He overwhelms his opponent with sheer dominance on every level.

While his finishing power is not at its peak, he has the capability to frustrate even the most gifted of opponents.  His 2nd and 3rd fights with Hughes showed a style of domination rarely seen in this game.

He truly is one of a kind and seems unstoppable after watching his dispatching of Penn not long ago.  He poses a very real threat to his opponent, a man they call “The Pitbull”.

Thiago “The Pitbull” Alves is a different story.  Where GSP excels in every facet of fighting, Thiago prefers to use what works for him.  While he trains in various aspects he is more of a throw back fighter who sticks to one thing.

Alves does that one thing with a vengeance.  One word describes the approach of The Pitbull, PAIN.  He is very strong and powerful.  He has a menacing physique, combined with blinding speed.

He combines that power and speed to inflict a brand of pain that is difficult to fathom.  He trains in multiple facets including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but his weapons of choice are the brutal attacks of Muay Thai.

His Muay Thai barrage has absolutely decimated more than one elite fighter.  He chops down fighters at the base like a lumberjack.  The sound of his foot connecting with the soft tissue of his opponent makes even the strongest of viewers cringe.

He carves his masterpieces with the blades that are his hands and feet, and that doesn’t even consider the blunt trauma he imposes with his knees.  He is a butcher, who cuts with precision and speed.

He can fight from anywhere, but seems to possess the skill to always get the fight back to where he wants it up to and including his opponent winding up on the mat and Alves walking back to his corner.

What is interesting about this match up is simply the varying styles.  GSP has never really fought a fighter with the tools that Alves has.  Alves has only once fought a fighter who is even close to GSP in style, John Fitch.

Simply put they just don’t have a lot of experience facing off against the opposing style each fighter brings.

One thing is certain, the methods to their badness will clash at UFC 100.  Many have their thoughts on how this one will go, many may not believe the outcome.  Whether it is sheer domination we will see or unrelenting pain remains to be seen.  That being said, seeing it will be believing it.  Don’t Blink!

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