Mattel Shows Off New JLU 6-Packs!!

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Here is the latest news on JLU 6-Packs!

It’s good versus evil in the ultimate JLU matchup when two new 6-packs arrive at Target stores this August. One set is themed villains and one is good guys, but both are packed with fan requests and first-time offerings!

The League United

-Mr. Terrific — first-time figure!
-Supergirl — adult figure!
-Elongated Man — comic book deco!
-Obsidian — fan-requested re-release!
-Hourman — first-time figure!

Mutiny in the Ranks
-Lex Luthor
-Tala — first-time figure!
-Devil Ray — first-time figure!
-Dr. Polaris — first-time figure!
-Psycho-Pirate — first-time figure!
-Gentleman Ghost — first-time figure!

I know it’s hard to wait till they arrive in stores, so in the meantime here are some images. And if you’re heading to 2009 San Diego Comic-Con in July, be sure to visit my booth where they’ll be on display.

See you at Target in August!

I like them a lot…now if we can get the last 2 6-Packs that I never saw….

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