Chris Jericho Is Feeling Like Danny Glover In Lethal Weapon Over WWE’s Schedule

Jericho shares his exasperation on Twitter:

I just woke up and I can barely walk. I’m getting too old for two matches a night…

Elsewhere on his Twitter page, Jericho puts over Rey Mysterio, calling him a “real life superhero” who’s a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to see that they don’t have to be “in character” when tweeting, although Jericho cutting a heel promo via Twitter would be pretty great.

PW Torch’s James Caldwell provides a look at WWE’s brutal road schedule over the next two weeks. I’d put that in quotes, but it’s kind of hard to disagree with them when you look at it:

— June 30: Double TV taping in Fresno, Calif.
— July 1: SD/ECW house show in Bakersfield, Calif.
— July 2: SD/ECW house show in Palm Springs, Calif.
— July 3: SD/ECW house show in San Diego, Calif.
— July 3: Raw house show in Auckland, New Zealand
— July 4: Raw house show in Sydney, Australia
— July 5: SD/ECW house show in Honolulu, Hawaii
— July 5: Raw house show in Brisbane, Australia
— July 6: Raw house show in Adelaide, Australia
— July 7: Raw house show in Melbourne, Australia
— July 7: SD/ECW house show in Tokyo, Japan
— July 8: Raw house show in Perth, Australia
— July 8: SD/ECW house show in Tokyo, Japan
— July 10: SD/ECW house show in Manila, Philippines

Wonder how many of these shows he and Edge are going to work?

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