Commercial Review: Rollover Mom Barnstorms Her Own Yard Sale (AT&T)

Product: AT&T Cellular Service

Plot: Everyone’s favorite Frugal Mom is back, stopping her free-spending kids from selling perfectly good rollover minutes.

The Rollover Family is having a garage sale, and Older Rollover Son has a bunch of those orange rollover minutes on sale – for apparently $1 per small orange disc (not sure how many rollover minutes that applies to, or if each disc represents 1 minute, at which point the price is ridiculously high).

As a lady from the neighborhood comes over to check out the rollover minutes, Rollover Mom is here to put a stop to this immediately. However Older Rollover Son has some spunk in him at this garage sale, correcting his mom instantly and looking to get some money for these broken old rollover minutes.

Rollover Mom wont back down and goes into a lecture filibuster on her son, including FULL FINGER WAG. You see, he said she was “crazy about our antiques” and that set her off – saving money is smart, especially these days.

She really freaked out when a young black boy from the neighborhood went to put his hand into the bowl of Rollover Minutes. Apparently concerned he would steal the minutes at this point, Rollover Mom grabs the bowl of rollover minutes away from the table the commercial basically ends. Was this a hidden racist element of Rollover Mom we haven’t seen before? Or she just thought a punk kid would more likely to steal the orange minute discs than a middle aged woman. Either way, the result is the same – these Rollover Minutes are not for sale.