McFarlane Updates Halo Series 6 with Retailer Exclusives

Here is’s breakdown of the Halo Series 6 Exclusives:

The Halo Series 6 “Medal Edition” was first shown here on a few short weeks ago. Check out our announcement in our news section if you missed it. You should know by now that McFarlane Toys always goes above and beyond with our Halo product. Below are the additional figures also available as part of Halo Series 6, but are only sold at specific retailers.

SPARTAN EVA (teal) — Fred Meyer Exclusive
Includes two Plasma Rifles and Kill Joy! Medal

SPARTAN EVA (blue) — Walmart and Walmart Canada
Includes Rocket Launcher and Overkill! Medal

SPARTAN CQB (orange) — Toys ‘R’ Us and Toys ‘R’ Us Canada
Includes Shotgun and Bull True! Medal

SPARTAN RECON (steel) — GameStop Exclusive
Includes Brute Shot, Spike Grenade and Grenade Stick! Medal

SPARTAN HAYABUSA (sage) — Amazon and International Exclusive
Includes Fuel Rod Gun and Triple Kill! Medal

ELITE ASSAULT (gold) — Game UK and Gamestation UK and BigW Australia
Includes two Spike rifles and Killing Spree! Medal

All the images have been added to the Halo Series 6 gallery below.