Jim Ross: Be Patient with ECW

In Jim Ross’ latest blog post, he asks fans to be patient with the new mix of old and new superstars on ECW (see our exclusive WWE transaction history page for details)…

He says, “ECW is going to be a mix of a handful of vets mixxing it up w/ several rookies. WWE has many, talented youngsters who will make ECW their home for the foreseeable future.This show will showcase their ever improving skills.w/ some talents winning, some losing and all of them improving. That’s the goal. Got a feeling this show will be feast or famine w/ no lack of effort. Sheamus, the Keltic Warrior is a keeper. Kovlov had a good nite. There is something good in the future for the Russian. Abraham Washington’s “talk” show will be challenging at first but the young man can talk. Patience for these young kids will be needed by all involved but they’ll succeed with hard work and the leadership of the vets.ECW will be unpredictable without question. I expect Christian, Dreamer & Regal to be viable vets on Tues nite.

The Smackdown announcer also talks in detail about what he’s liking about the Friday night roster, in particular the Hart Dynasty’s potential and CM Punk’s growing stardom. Good read, as always.

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