WWE Smackdown Spoilers

For this Friday night’s broadcast…

– C.M. Punk comes out to proclaim his innocence for kicking the referee at THE BASH. He demands an apology from Jeff Hardy for attacking him after the match on purpose. Teddy Long says Hardy gets a rematch at Night of Champions.

– Finlay beats Ricky Ortiz with the Celtic Cross.

– Dolph Ziggler and Maria talk about their date from last night. Huh?

– Dolph Ziggler beats R-Truth, who decides to celebrate his loss with some dancin’ anyway. Fair ’nuff.

– Kane beats Rey Mysterio with a chokeslam. Khali saunters out to chase Kane away with a chair. Best. Feud. Ever.

– Chris Jericho announced he had a rematch with Mysterio next week.

– Cryme Tyme beat the Hart Dynasty when Shad pinned David Hart Smith.

– Melina & Maria beat Layla & Michelle McCool when Melina pinned Layla.

– John Morrison and Teddy Long sing Michael Jackson songs backstage. Can’t even begin to imagine Jim Morrison doing such a thing.

– Edge & Chris Jericho beat C.M. Punk & Jeff Hardy. Punk sold his eye throughout the match and refused to tag in Hardy. Hardy then slapped Punk to tag himself in at one point. Punk later went to tag in Hardy but Hardy oversold an eye injury of his own. Punk managed to hit Jericho with the GTS but then got speared by Edge after a blind tag and pinned.

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