Jim Ross Comments on New WWE Main Event Talent

Jim Ross has updated his blog again, giving his thoughts on new WWE main event talents, the up-and-coming young wrestlers on Smackdown, Roddy Piper’s arrest and more…

Some highlights:

“I can’t remember an era within the business that there has been more of a need to add to the main event mix and to create new top level bouts especially on PPV. This goes along with creating new stars which one would think is logically every wrestling organization’s top priority. Wrestling is a star driven, attraction friendly entity that thrives on personal issues between people in which fans have a vested interest. This sounds like a simple equation but it isn’t.”

“As it relates to Friday Night Smackdown, it seems as if Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison are lining up to be the next talents to move up the ladder. Both are getting more opportunities to shine and are doing a nice job of producing positive results.”

“Will the next major trend in the biz be an elaborate and through scouting department that looks high and low for the next wave of prospects? The potential to earn big bucks in sports entertainment is a nice selling/recruiting point for an extroverted, skilled athlete with drive, character and a sense of entrepreneurship.”

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