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So, I caught the BET Awards last weekend, and personally, I thought they did a commendable job considering what they had to throw together. I mean, by the time they got the news of Michael Jackson’s death they’d probably already done a full run-though of the show that they had originally intended to broadcast.

The BET network did a good job of offering up hastily thrown-together tributes featuring (most likely) the only artists who had MJ songs in their repertoire and could perform them with minimal rehearsal needed. They also made cuts where they could—nominees were deemed unnecessary, while presenters gave out multiple awards. But I’ve got no beef with how the cuts were made.

That said, the two performances that I paid the most attention to that night were by Jay-Z and Drake.

I can’t front—I don’t really dig Drake. My best friend is a fan of the guy, but as an emcee, he does nothing for me. I mean, he’s clever with his rhymes, but he’s sort of like Darth Vader being seduced by The Dark Side (I’m looking at you, Lil Wayne!)

I think that part of me has a problem separating Drake from his character on a show that I’ve never seen—he reminds me of Nick Cannon only less annoying. Also, I might have a problem with him being Canadian. I never really warmed up to Tamia, either.

I don’t like Drake’s gestures when performing, and I’m not that fond of his content. I just don’t know where the hype stems from, other than his ghostwriting being responsible for Lil Wayne’s increased mic skills.

And I did find it hilarious that Drake’s first video is creating a huge backlash. He’s got a female fanbase and from what I hear the video is breast-acular! There’s even speculation that it’s going to be reshot. Comedy!

Now, onto Jay-Z. I love the guy, and “D.O.A.” is a dope song (with a sick beat), but Jay seems to be coming off as a bit of a grumpy old man. He’s bordering on a “back in my day” mentality. He’s singing the same song that Nas did on Hip-Hop Is Dead. Jay was the workhorse who released an album a year, but it seems like he’s sort of lost touch a bit with his most recent hiatus. “D.O.A.” seems a bit reactionary from guy who used to set trends. It’s weird to hear Jay criticizing and not to imagine that it’s peppered with bitterness.

Also, right now I’m way into Arcade Fire. I don’t know why, but their music is really clicking with me right now. I think it’s because we’re having an unusually damp summer thus far and Arcade Fire’s catalogue has some great “overcast day” songs.

So, to recap, BET Awards could have been better, but I’m not faulting them; I’m unconvinced on Drake; and think that Jay-Z might be salty about getting passed by. Oh, and Arcade Fire are in heavy rotation.

See you next week.

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