Stings Talks About The Shockmaster

PW Torch’s James Caldwell has details on Sting’s appearance on TNA’s Spin Cycle web show (with video). In the clip, he talks about being involved in the Shockmaster’s infamous debut. He also provides a quote from the Icon about what he was thinking when Shocky tripped his way to infamy:

“Dusty wanted to make him this big powerhouse babyface guy. He had to bust through this wall. He crashed through and got all tripped up,” Sting said on the Spin Cycle. “The first thing I’m trying to figure out is what can you possibly do with this situation. How can you possibly salvage this character?”

Caldwell also provides the original clip, with Dusty Rhodes’ commentary, for your viewing pleasure. That Caldwell sure is a swell guy.

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