Torrie Wilson Talks Kissing Vince, Getting Her Feelings Hurt At Wrestlemania

Pro Wrestling Examiner Rick Rockwell read a Baltimore Sun interview with Torrie Wilson. He quotes her thoughts on the merits kissing Vince McMahon vs. having a snake on her face (she’ll take the snake). She also talks about why her Wrestlemania 25 Battle Royal appearance was a big disappointment for her:

I’m very mad at myself and embarrassed that I agreed to be a part of something like that. A lot of people in the audience didn’t even know that I was in that match because they didn’t even announce it. (Well, they did on the internet, but I get her point.) …I feel like maybe I’m not appreciated like I would have hoped. They just wanted all these girls there. Now I can understand why Trish [Stratus] decided not to do it; she was smart.

I just didn’t appreciate that experience and I felt very unappreciated after all of the years that I put in for them. You combine that with the fact that I asked them to do a little thing on to “vote for Torrie” and they just ignored me. So, my feelings are hurt.”

Roswell also provides his list of ten things worse than making out with Vince on national TV. They include a stinkface from Rikishi, shaving George Steele’s back, and a John Cena movie marathon.

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