10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 7.3.09

1. So, Mick Foley is a babyface because he hates the Main Event Mafia. But he also feuds with Jeff Jarrett, another babyface, but Foley is more the heel in that feud. I wonder why fans (and some of the performers, kayfabe) are confused.
2. While I have nothing specifically against Amazing Red, I have to wonder what the point of bringing him back was. I mean, they can’t figure anything out for Petey Williams or Sonjay Dutt but they need Red?
3. I have to wonder the same thing about Cody Deaner. I just don’t get what it is that TNA thinks he adds to the program.
4. I asked before why Samoa Joe wasn’t targeting Sting, and now we have answer. Sting wasn’t in on the plan, which makes total sense. Good for TNA on that one.
5. Then it gets murky. All of a sudden, Kurt Angle gets to decide his challenger for Victory Road, so one of the bosses, Mick Foley, is begging that Angle choose him. That makes no sense. Meanwhile, Jarrett books Angle in a tag match for tonight, with the Title on the line. But doesn’t Angle get to choose his own opponent? Why can so many people make matches around here?
6. They still need some work formatting this show. They opened with a Main Event Mafia interview, and then cut over to a pre-taped interview with Kevin Nash. The Main Event Mafia is all over the show, in an overbearing New World Order kind of way. Space this stuff out and it will seem less like that.
7. Is this Abyss versus Dr. Stevie feud EVER going to end? Poor Abyss, he just doesn’t have that mystique anymore.
8. I absolutely cannot wait to see Jenna Morasca versus Sharmell on a pay-per-view. Thank you, Jeff Jarrett, or Mick Foley, or Jim Cornette, or whoever it is that made this match possible. I can’t wait to pay to see it.
9. Similarly, I can’t wait to see Rhino and Jesse Neal have some kind of confrontation. Maybe it can be a hair versus hair match, so Neal can get rid of that ridiculousness that he’s currently sporting.
10. Jarrett should have manned up and tapped out to the Ankle Lock. He’s more of a Superman than John Cena.

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