So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 5-8 Review

It’s elimination night and I’m writhing in anticipation over who’s going home. Last night was the best performance night of the season. We’ll see what goes down.

The group performance was a bright, gorgeous Broadway routine from The Wiz. It framed the dancers in perfection. The costumes were all works of art, the make-up was great, the dancing showcased clean lines and superb technique. All in all it was the best group number in my opinion of the season. The greatest Broadway Tyce has choreographed on the show to date.

First to the stage to face judgment were Karla and Vitolio and Evan and Randi. Karla and Violio drew a quickstep by Jean-Marc Genereaux last night and made the “kiss of death” into the “kiss of joy.” They danced with clean lines and class. On the other hand Evan and Randi danced a Joey Dowling Broadway and brought Fosse to life on the stage. Both had pretty good reviews with a few criticisms from the judges. Drawing from their large fanbase after a rough performance night, Evan and Randi are safe. Karla and Vitolio are in the bottom three for the third week. I think they are in serious trouble.

BOTTOM COUPLE NO. 1:  Karla and Vitolio

Second group to the stage include Janette and Brandon, Kupono and Kayla, and Melissa and Ade. Janette and Brandon danced a sultry cha-cha by Jean-Marc Genereaux. Even though I thought Janette looked like she was wearing a hot-pink garden lattice and it was not the best cha-cha in the history of SYTYCD,  they are safe from the dreaded bottom three. Kayla and Kupono danced a vampire inspired Sonya Tayeh jazz piece, which I thought was the best of the night. It was a well-developed, beautifully danced performance.  Melissa and Ade danced a Romeo and Juliet classical ballet pas de deux choreographed by the new edition, Thordal Christensen.  I thought it was dreamlike and pretty but a little boring; but great nonetheless. The bottom is announced and the biggest shock of the night is revealed; Kayla and Kupono are in the bottom three yet again. Mia is shocked as she thought they were the best performance of the night and I agree. I watched that dance over and over and every time I watched it, I liked it more and more.

BOTTOM COUPLE NO. 2: Kayla and Kupono

Third group on the chopping block is Phillip and Janine and Caitlin and Jason.  Janine and Phillip brought a Napoleon and Tabitha hip-hop routine to the stage last night. Even though they had the obstacle of being chained together they brought powerful popping and great energy to a wonderful routine. I definitely didn’t want to give them the key and want to see them dance together more and more. Caitlin and Jason were given a Brian Friedman pop/jazz with an otherworldly theme. Even though Caitlin was wearing a dancing condom and had more tin foil on her than a baked potato, I thought they danced it well and it had a great selection of music. Too bad I don’t think the concept will be well received by the viewing public, just as it wasn’t well received with all of the judges.  But to my surprise, it is Phillip and Janine in the bottom instead of the usual presence of Caitlin and Jason.

BOTTOM COUPLE NO. 3: Janine and Phillip

I’m afraid that I can predict that Karla and Vitolio will be turning in their dancing shoes tonight and heading home

The guest performers, Patricia and Desmond [I’m sorry, I don’t know how to spell their last names and therefore won’t attempt and butcher them] were incredible. Melissa ain’t got nothing on that pillar of strength. It wasn’t just a ballet with tulle and pink and pretty, it was a powerful dance with depth.

The first solo is Karla. I think it’s a little too much like her solo last week and the song is too much like Kayla’s audition song. I think it was boring and didn’t have much character or personality. I am afraid she is going home, and I’m not sorry. Next is Vitolio with a solo that was better then last weeks but still static and didn’t have enough content. It seems with Vitolio that there is always a big buildup for a whole lot of nothing.

The second girl is Kayla dancing to Sarah McLachlan. It was a beautiful solo, but had too many tricks, too many kicks and not enough solid dancing. I think it’s enough that it’s going to keep her in – plus the fact that she’s a judge’s favorite – I just wish she would tone down the overcompensation of kicks and get some real dancing in the mix. Kupono is next and just is not great with his solos, they aren’t ever his strong point, but I have to say that he danced with the same serenity as the music he chose and though I think he’s in trouble, he’ll stay.

Janine dances with power and grace. She is the epitome of class with her solo to Moonlight Sonata. She had the perfect balance of content and tricks and was just lovely on stage. I have to say Phillip may not be the most versatile dancer, but when he does his solo he become magic, and when he wants to it’s like he can make his bones disappear. He has great musicality, great control over his muscles, and just great moves. I think he is safe. Sorry all you Phillip haters out there.

First up to be eliminated are the girls, as always. Janine is safe with her beautiful solo; it being called the “strongest solo of the evening” and I agree. Bravo Janine. Kayla was called out on her over-use of trick and kicks but is safe tonight. I think if she wants to make it past next week she has to put her heart and soul out. Karla is going home, which doesn’t make me sad at all. I think she’s going home at the right time. She just hasn’t given enough personality and she just doesn’t have the “it” factor to make it as America’s favorite dancer.

On to the boys. It was another unanimous decision. Phillip was told he was desperate and that he had to grow or else – but was safe. Thank goodness, I don’t think he should’ve gone home. Vitolio and Kupono both had weak solos and great personalities, but in the end, Vitolio could not deliver and could not compare to Kupono. Vilitio’s time was up and is going home. I’m quite sad that Vitolio had to go home. He has an inspiring story and a great spirit, but in the end I don’t think he could stand up to the technique of the other dancers.

I have to say, the right two went home and I’m extremely excited for next week and hope that the dancer can keep up the standards they have set this week.

Good-bye Karla and Vitolio, I wish you luck. Until next week, bye bye!


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