Tag Team Review: Captain America:Reborn #1 round 2

Aris Iliopoulos: Weird, Captain America and Batman are both Reborn titles.

AI: Bucky has Black Widow…
Brian Knippenberg: Yep…classic sidekicks, now playing the mentor
AI: Batman has the brat
BK: Now one mentor’s returning and eventually the other
will follow.
AI: You think Steve Roger’s is coming back?
BK: Most definitely…
AI: Already? I think it’s a feint.
BK: Ed Brubaker’s stated that the book’s always been about
Cap, even when he’s not in it.
BK: Taking a risk putting that much stock into a feint. You don’t want to cheat the audience by saying he’s
coming back and not actually have him come back.
AI: What are they going to do with Bucky?
BK: Dunno, but they wouldn’t spend 4 years on him to just
let him fall back into obscurity. But he deserves to break away from the Cap identity
and have something of his own.
AI: I don’t know. I kind of like the legacy aspect of it. Steve seems to have invested a lot in doing this for
BK: It was initially to save him, but he’s kinda living
Steve’s life right now…living in Steve’s home, on the same team Steve
was on, has the same friends as Steve…doesn’t sound like it’s fair. Steve’s costumed I.D. as well.
AI: But he’s not Steve, I think that’s the point he’s a
different Captain America. That’s part of why it’s fun. Normally character look to Cap as the default leader. But they don’t now. That’s a totally different status quo. Bucky still has to earn his wings.
BK: Right, the role he plays is different, but everything
else is borrowed.

AI: Cap’s not the senior hero anymore.
BK: You’re right.
AI: Yeah but we didn’t mind that with Wally West.

BK: Wally had some time on his own before joining the
AI: The metaphysics of comics. We are geeks!
BK: True.
AI: So lets talk Captain America: Reborn. Overall I really enjoyed it.
BK: Yessir!
AI: The art was dynamite! I think Hitch’s best work in a while.
BK: Oh, the pairing of Hitch and Guice was a smart
choice…Quesada’s idea, I heard.
AI: Yeah. I loved the flashbacks. Hitch invented widescreen comics style. And he brung it!

BK: I was surprised that they went with a redesign for Cap
in the 40’s. I liked it, but still surprised.
BK: Yeah, truly did.

BK: I like the military-style stenciled “A” on the
AI: Yes I was too. I was going to get to that. That was one of the two things I didn’t like.
BK: What’s that?
AI: Yeah its a decent design. But over all not necessary. Its pointless.
BK: Right…
AI: And doesn’t add anything essential to the mythology. He should have simply used the original design.
BK: No, just some new eye-candy.
AI: Still, I got past it because the issue was beautiful. The opening sequence, the recap, the battle on the HAMMER
AI: Flawless and dynamic
BK: Very well paced.
AI: And the shots of Falcon and Sharon meeting with Pym were beautiful. That two page spread was amazing. Close ups, wide angle, amazing detail. I was floored by the detail.
BK: I agree. I like the layouts better than in Fantastic
AI: And I think Paul Mounts is flawless on this issue. Much better then the FF work.
BK: Yes, some big credit should go to Paul!

AI: His colors were perfect. I loved the flash back. Really captured the dirtiness of war nicely. Not that I know first hand of course. You know I was kind of bummed Epting wasn’t involved.
BK: You can feel the dirt, the cold, the smell of the
AI: But after seeing the issue… It worked so damn well.
BK: I wasn’t feeling too bad. They’re both exceptional
AI: What did you think of the Ross cover?
BK: That’s the cover I picked up. I really like it. It gave a more mysterious edge to
AI: I feel the same way, the logo is nice too.
BK: A feeling that Cap is out there…somewhere…and
needs to be found.

AI: Brubaker really crafted a good first issue.
BK: Love the logo.
AI: You get the origin, mystery and action right from the
BK: Had to read it twice, though. The first time to
experience, the second time to let it all sink in.
AI: I did too. I am still trying to understand the time thing. How is he stuck out of time? If he went back in time why aren’t there two Caps in the sequences? Its seems like an elaborate set up too. The Red Skull’s plan was to what? That’s the second thing I didn’t like.
BK: The way it’s explained to Norman Osborn is that the
device was used to freeze Cap within time and space and laid dormant in limbo. Then they tried to extract him (but why?), until Sharon messed it up. Now, his consciousness (?) is going back and forth
through time somehow. But it seemed as if the Red Skull has more in mind. That’s part of the mystery.
AI: Yes he said he wanted to humiliate him. I am wonder why Red Skull didn’t just kill him. I know he’s a comic book villain. They monologue and stuff.
BK: Me too, which is why I wonder what else he had in mind
for Steve?
AI: But this seems really elaborate. Love the scenes with Pym. See this is Pym written well. Smart efficient. Good job by Bru. Because Pym is horrible in Mighty Avengers.
BK: Ed’s got a great handle on the characters.  Not a Pym who’s cocky.
AI: I like Sharon’s emotion.
AI: A Pym who is smart. I also liked Osborn.
AI: They are doing great work with Osborn every where.
BK: Keeping Osborn very consistent.
AI: He’s just chilling with Red Skull
BK: And Sharon’s one of my favorite supporting
characters. Who woulda thought the Green Goblin would rise so
AI: I wish her and Falcon would get together.
BK: Really?
AI: Yeah. He’s always there for her. She needs someone like him.
BK: I like them as solid friends. Perhaps a touch of “what if”, between them.
AI: You notice this Vision was also more like the classic Vision. Bru wasn’t writing the Ipod version currently in the Mighty Avengers. That book sucks by the way. Oh man, I shouldn’t have said that. Its just bad.
BK: I was surprised by Vision’s interpretation too, but
that’s the Vision I like.
AI: Its not living up to its name at all.
BK: They’re always messing with him.
AI: That’s why I love you Brian. You like the right stuff.
BK: Mighty? No, it’s not. Ed should do a classic Avengers line-up book! I’d read that in a heartbeat!
BK: Do you think that this particular story should have been left alone in Captain America’s title or do you think it warranted it’s own side project release?
AI: I did at first but now I don’t mind. Lets see how they manage it. I have faith in Brubaker, his Cap has been flawless.
BK: From a business and marketing standpoint, I get
it…but like you said, let’s see how they manage it.
AI: I am also curious how they are going to bring back Steve. Where is the body?

BK: Yes, his Cap has been consistently great.
AI: For a second I was thinking they would get his
consciousness and put it in the crazy Cap. But anything is possible with Doom’s time platform.
BK: Good question. Is the body still floating in time and
space while his consciousness travels through time or is it his body
that does.
AI: maybe the Cosmic Cube will show up. I am certain Red Skull isn’t happy in Zola’s body.
BK: That’s what I originally thought would be linked to
his return…the cosmic cube.
BK: No, Skully wants out!
AI: I loved the ending. I had no idea it was a trap, or you think Skull and Osborn just got lucky?
BK: Skull seems to know the score.
AI: I mean Barnes and Widow are in a s#!% load of trouble.
AI: Pym, Vision, Sharon and Falcon need to show up quick with
the cavalry
BK: Oh, yeah….especially with Ares? They’ve got
AI: That two page splash is gorgeous, Ares ripping the floor up
BK: Hitch makes Ares look absolutely brutal.
AI: Bru did great work, I really expect this to be good all the way through
BK: I wouldn’t expect him to let us down. And with Hitch and Guice in tow? Solid Gold, baby!
AI: It was nice to see Fury there too. And it was cool to see Steve come to the realization he’s
lost in time.
BK: All who were important to Cap, especially since Nick
and Sharon were vital in those early 60’s Cap stories also.
AI: I mean re-living your mom’s death as an adult. That was horrible.
BK: That was…hopefully he can work through the painful stuff he’s about to rewitness.
AI: I mean he has to tell people. Wouldn’t he tell Bucky? The Invaders? Maybe they can help him.
BK: Depends if that’ll screw with time.
AI: Come on. Did the Thing in a beard and pirate outfit screw up time?
BK: In the present, they know of his situation anyway. They just need to find him and extract him.

BK: No, cause they all thought he WAS Blackbeard. 😉
AI: I think he deserves a chance at a normal life. If they bring him back make him a mentor. I say leave Bucky as Captain America.
BK: I can never see Steve Rogers sitting still though. He’s not that type of guy.
BK: He’s tried before.
AI: Yeah. I know. Maybe he can run for President again
BK: I liked Bucky as Cap but would rather see him
AI: And clean up the mess Osborn will eventually make.
BK: He never cared for that role either.
AI: I don’t see Bucky going back to Winter Soldier
BK: To be in it himself, I mean.
AI: I know. I’m joking.
BK: I don’t either.
AI: And Walker is still the Captain.
BK: As far as I know.
AI: Its too soon for Steve to come back. Either way, with Bru at the helm it will work.
BK: It will.
AI: I think the book was great. Like you mentioned it stunk of
gimmick when I heard about it. But I can’t complain at all based on the execution. Its a great comic. But it seems odd it’s not tied to an event.
BK: No, especially since it’s a continuation of what has
come before already.
BK: I think his return is an event in of itself.
AI: I keep thinking in my mind we are being tricked here. There was a reason Brubaker brought the other Bucky into
the Marvel Universe
BK: Well, four more issues to find out! 😉
BK: To be a Nomad.
AI: No…
AI: Battlestar should be Nomad.
BK: Actually, Loeb did.
AI: He did?
BK: At the end of the recent Heroes Reborn: The Return (or
whatever it was) mini-series…
AI: Ah
AI: See that’s what I mean?
BK: Now, Rikki will be starring in a 4-issue Nomad: Girl
Without a World mini.
AI: I can’t help that the Reborn part has multiple meanings.
AI: we will see.
BK: It probably does…
AI: The book is great.
BK: We shall, we shall.
AI: And I can’t wait for next issue.
BK: I really liked it!
AI: I just want to see how Bucky survives Ares.
BK: Looking forward to where they take it.
BK: Heck yeah!
AI: As good as it was it wasn’t the best book of the week for

AI: Close
BK: Not the best, but real close.
AI: But I think Batman and Robin is magic.
BK: It’s the bee’s knees!
AI: Bee’s knees?
AI: Brian the kids are going to think we’re lame.
BK: Sorry, it’s the old man syndrome kicking in…I’m over it *cough* Hoooahhh!
AI: Hah!
AI: I give this book a solid 9.
BK: I’ll also give it a 9.
AI: Great minds!
BK: Think alike!
AI: On that note…
AI: See you next week.
BK: See ya in the funny papers!
AI: Happy Fourth to all. Eat ribs and be merry!