J.R. Talks Dreamer, Kim, Swagger, Sheamus

J.R.’s latest blog is like almost all of his blogs; he writes about whatever he feels like and I quote/summarize the parts that jump out at me. You know the drill.

He says Tommy Dreamer was a “hit” on the beach in Honolulu when WWE made a stop there, which is apparently a reference to his physique, since J.R. uses the old “it’s wrestling, not bodybuilding” line and says he’d be a black pot if he called Tommy a fat kettle.

He also puts over the Innovator of Violence for his greatest attribute beyond taking punishment:

I am a Dreamer fan who wishes that more of the young wrestlers looking to get their feet wet would tap into Tommy Dreamer’s passion and love of the biz.

J.R. also thinks there are big things in the future of two of Raw’s acquistions in that three way trade:

I am a big Gail Kim fan and feel she can become, arguably, the hottest Diva on Raw which could well mean another championship for the young lady who grew up in Toronto and who now lives in Tampa. Swagger is a future PPV main eventer and even though that might be a year or so away from happening I think that it will happen.

And he’s also hearing good things about the palest addition to WWE’s roster in some time:

Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, is earning good reviews while touring with WWE. Sheamus is a big, tough, Irish kid who has a discernible up side and could be a future star if he stays healthy and sane along with getting a little good luck.

J.R. also talks about Steve McNair, WWE’s shows in Australia and Hawaii, old school wrestling, and even shares this great quip from a certain Enforcer:

For the record, Arn Anderson told me long ago that “our fat looks better brown than white” which is why I enjoy my backyard pool in the summer time. I adhere to Double A’s philosophy. It is what it is, folks.

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