Updates on Lilian Garcia’s Replacement & WWE Injuries

WWE has been considering internal candidates to replace Lilian Garcia as Raw’s ring announcer. These include Angela Fong, who has been doing some ring announcing as well as wrestling in Florida Championship Wrestling. Tiffany is the current front-runner, in part because of the realisation that she is not suited for the ECW General Manager role.

Recently injured Edge had reportedly been in a lot of pain of late. He has said that he used to be able to recover from things like Ladder Matches in no time at all, yet after his recent one with Jeff Hardy he didn’t feel good even just walking for about a week afterwards.

Tony Atlas also said he was sore for about a week after doing his first match in years, aged 55, against Evan Bourne on ECW recently.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 6th July 2009 (subscribe here)

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