WWE Drug Testing Controversy

There is considerable unhappiness in the WWE locker room about how the company handles the drug testing, in particular after the release of Umaga. Up until recently the general consensus was that the testing was legitimate and there was no favouritism involved. The belief was that some guys were able to stay enhanced because they could beat the testing rather than the testing being administered in an unfair manner. Now reports indicate that a number of wrestlers believe that this is no longer the case. One top star has been rumoured to have failed a steroid test only for it to have been covered up without being suspended or punished in any way. Before, considering WWE suspended Jeff Hardy before WrestleMania, the belief was that if anybody was caught they would be suspended. This rumour was coupled with Umaga, who was popular backstage, being perceived as having no choice but to leave rather than attend a rehab clinic (although, as many noted, Kurt Angle refused to attend rehab in 2006 and continued to wrestle for WWE). There are also questions to be answered about how prior strikes are handled for people who leave WWE and then return, such as the recently rehired Chris Masters, or Jeff Hardy if he leaves for a few months then signs a new contract.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 6th July 2009 (subscribe here)

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