Lawler Considering Mayoral Role, J.R. Blogs About Why It’s A Bad Idea (And Raw)

The U.K. Sun’s Mike Aldren has an interview with Jerry Lawler, where the King of Memphis reveals he’s looking to add another title to his name; Mayor. Here’s what Lawler has to say about a possible second run for the office:

“I am going to do some media interviews and see what level of support is out there before I officially declare. … The people of Memphis are so tired of the political circus that we have been living in for the past 18 years and hopefully, are tired of politicians in general.

If you’re finding the irony of a man who wears a crown for a living making that statement ridculous, you are not alone. Lawler’s old partner, Jim Ross, doesn’t think it’s a great idea either, and he said as much on his blog:

Jerry Lawler can’t be serious about running for Mayor of Memphis again. Can he? Why King Why? If Lawler becomes Mayor of Memphis and if somebody in Hollywood doesn’t produce a reality show on it or document King’s term for a feature length film someone is not paying attention. Just say no Jerry.

J.R. also blogged about Raw, giving the Million Dollar Man huge props for his promo work, and showing his age a bit:

DiBiase’s promos felt natural and on point. Give the man some bullet points and turn him loose. Good, verbal stuff all night from Teddy….hey, I’ve known him since day one and I can call him Teddy if I choose. I saw the man wrestle Dick Murdoch and Ric Flair on Mid South Wrestling so back off, Jack!

J.R. also wishes Brock Lesnar good luck in his UFC Championship defense on Saturday and congratulates Lesnar and Sable on the birth of their first child and says that Jericho and Rey’s match on Friday will definitely be DVR worthy.

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