Random News: Raw Is (Not) Taz, Lance Storm, Layla, Candice

PWI’s Dave Scherer reported the following:

Taz made a joke about being offered the Raw guest hosting gig. People took him seriously enough that he had to clear it up, which included being oddly specific about his lawyer’s eating habits:

“Damm, it was just a JOKE! WWE did NOT ask me host Raw for a week! Now my lawyer can eat his Tuna Fish Sandwich & his Mango Juice in peace!”

That’ll teach him to emoticons in the future.

In other ECW alum news, Lance Storm talks about his ROH comeback with the Miami Herald’s Scott Fishman. Storm talks about his in-ring plans after his ROH double shot in Toronto:

”I won’t say this is absolutely the last time I’m wrestling again, but I’m not planning on doing more than the two,” said Storm. “If all the stars are in alignment, and it means teaming with someone or working with someone I want to work with, and the timing worked out well, there is always another possibility of there being another.

The Herald also has a brief interview with WWE Diva, and home town girl, Layla, focusing on her return to the area for TV tapings. It’s more about her dance background than wrestling (she was a Miami Heat dancer, after all). She does let it be known that Batista some moves on the dance floor, which makes me wonder if he’s ever suffered a muscle tear that way.

In other WWE Diva news, the recently released Candice Michelle will be doing a webcam interview for Starcam on July 10th at 8 PM EST. You can learn more here.

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