A Modest Blog on Aerosmith

I, for one, am freaking psyched for Aerosmith providing the Summerslam theme song. I mean, it’s got to be nearly impossible to get like the best band freaking ever to donate one of their 30 year history of tracks to a huge, always so impressive event like Summerslam. I mean, this is a major coup. Aerosmith has never been more edgy or relevant than they are today in 2009. It isn’t every day you can land a band that totally peaked with their first single, then got more and more pop…errr popular with each passing decade of drug free music. It isn’t every band that exploits their daughter’s sexuality to sell records, and it isn’t every wrestling promotor that’s willing to do the same. This is the perfect match and I can’t wait for such hardcore Aerosmith hits as… Walk this Way and… yeah… on Summerslam, the Summer’s hottest Slam! I know I sure don’t wana miss a thing!