Army Wives – Episode 3-5 Review

           In this episode, Roxy reopens the Hump Bar, but things do not go as planned. After opening night is a bust, Roxy’s friend, Viola, asks to be her assistant. Also, Pamela’s husband, Chase, surprises her by coming home a few days early. Things do not go well at first because Chase criticizes everything Pamela has done in the house. Denise and Frank begin their divorce proceedings and decide to use a mediator. Roland and Joan search for a church to have their child, Sarah Elizabeth, christened. Roland makes a shocking confession, in hopes, that the girls will accept Denise as their friend again.

           Roxy really does not know what she is doing with the Hump Bar. She has so many great ideas, but sometimes she tries to do too many of them at once. Opening night of the new and improved Hump Bar is far from what she would have wanted. She needed some help, which she got. Viola stepped in to try and improve business, but Roxy was quick to get mad at all the changes made. Viola did not feel appreciated so she quit. Since the last person Roxy worked with tried to steal her business, I can understand why she questioned the changes. I do think she overreacted. Viola was only trying to help and she did. Business improved drastically with the changes that she made. Roxy didn’t see that at first because she was used to having her bar the way she wanted it. Thankfully for her bar she came to her senses and she asked Viola back. With the two of them working together, I think that the bar will be saved.

           Pamela and her kids just moved into a new house. Chase was deployed at the time. When he comes home, he is very critical of Pamela and the things she has done to the house. He criticizes the way Pamela plays catch with Lucas. He doesn’t like the way the furniture is in the living room. He doesn’t like the new couch. He rearranges the living room multiple times in the episode. I think I understand where his behavior is coming from. He wants things to stay the same while he is gone. He doesn’t want time to continue while he’s deployed and he wants his family to need him. When he came home and everything was different, he felt as if he wasn’t needed in his family. He wanted to feel as if he was a part of the family still and that life didn’t go on without him.

              Denise and Frank’s divorce papers were signed in the end of the episode. I think they rushed into the divorce. They could have tried to work things out. They both hesitated before they signed the papers, which makes it apparent that they still love each other. I think in the next few episodes they will realize that they shouldn’t have gotten divorced, and they will get back together.

              Roland and Joan searched and searched to find the perfect church for their daughter’s christening. They finally found it and Joan admitted why she was so adamant about Sarah Elizabeth being christened before she was deployed. In case something happens to her, Joan wants her daughter to know she is loved.

               Roland has stayed by Denise’s side through everything, but the other girls abandoned her in her time of need. They claimed to be her best friends, but as soon as she did something they didn’t agree with they dropped her as a friend. I don’t understand why they did this. Everyone makes mistakes. Denise’s may have been a huge mistake, but still your friends are supposed to stick with you no matter what. They are supposed to support you no matter the mistakes that you make. I am really glad that they finally came around and are now supporting Denise. Roland was a very good friend throughout everything because he had been in the same situation Denise was in at one point. He also had an affair. No one but Joan and Denise had known about it. Denise supported him through it so he in turn supported her. He told the other girls about the affair to try and get them to accept Denise again. They were shocked but they didn’t disown him as a friend.

            Over all this episode was a very good one. This is probably my favorite of the season so far. I am so glad that Denise is not alone anymore and that her friends are supporting her now. Also, it’s great that things are finally looking up for Roxy and Trevor!