Dollhouse Premiere Moves Back A Week

The second season of Dollhouse will begin slightly later than initially planned — and will face heavier competition as a result.

FOX announced Wednesday (July 8) that it would unveil the second season of Joss Whedon’s show on Friday, Sept. 25. That’s a week later than the network’s original plan, which had Dollhouse following the premieres of comedies Brothers and ‘Til Death on Sept. 18.

The network instead decided to air an encore of the Glee series premiere on Sept. 18. The move also means Dollhouse will have to go up against the season premieres of Medium on CBS and Southland on NBC.

The good news is that Whedon is writing and directing the first episode of the season, which will continue to follow Dollhouse “active” Echo (Eliza Dushku) as she is imprinted with new identities and catches glimpses of her former self.

Source: Zap2It