One Year in Memphis – July 5, 1986


Dutch Mantell over Bill Dundee

Jerry Lawler/Giant Hillbilly over the Nightmares by DQ

Austin Idol/Buddy Landel draw Fire and Flame (referee stoppage)

NWA Women’s title
Debbie Combs over Despina Montagas

Paul Diamond over Jos LeDuc

Tracy Smothers/Pat Tanaka over Bam Bam Bigelow by DQ

Boxing match
Thomas Marlin over JD Costello (KO, Round 1)

Jeff Jarrett/Tojo Yamamoto over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto

Bruise Brothers over MOD Squad by DQ

The Hunter over David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that we’d be seeing Jerry Lawler and the Giant Hillbilly tagging, Bam Bam Bigelow, Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto would face the Beach Boys, the Nightmares, Jos LeDuc would be in a chain match, the Bruise Brothers, a women’s match with NWA Women’s champion Debbie Combs, and an 8-man match that feature the MOD Squad, Fire, and Flame. Russell added that they also had some interesting videotape they’d be showing.

We came back from commercial to see Lawler and the Hillbilly heading to the ring to face Rough and Ready. Rough tried to attack Lawler from behind only for Lawler to dodge the charge and drop a fist before tagging in the Hillbilly. The Hillbilly dropped a leg and got the win in 22 seconds.

Russell’s discussion of the match was interrupted as Bigelow came out and demanded his opponent while saying that he could beat Lawler‘s time. Bigelow then headed to the ring to face Mike Murphy. Bigelow immediately slammed Murphy and dropped an elbow for the win in 13 seconds. Bigelow then climbed the ropes and hit a top rope splash on Murphy.

Bigelow headed to commentary and handed a note to Russell that Larry Sharpe had sent asking them to show a tape he’d sent. The first tape showed David Haskins and Tracy Smothers battling Bigelow. Bigelow quickly pitched Smothers out of the ring before throwing Haskins over the top.

We clipped to see Bigelow drop an elbow on Smothers before splashing him from the top. The referee called for the DQ, but Bigelow continued the assault. He slammed Smothers again and hit him with a second splash.

As Bigelow brutalized Haskins, Lawler charged down the aisle and began punching Bigelow. Bigelow absorbed the punches and dropkicked Lawler, sending the King rolling.

We returned to the studio as Russell introduced another tape from Sharpe.

Sharpe was seated at the head of a conference table where he claimed that he was unable to be there because he was the chairman of the board. An inset came up to show Bigelow doing squats in the studio. Sharpe promised that it didn’t matter who Bigelow wrestled – they would be beaten.

As the tape ended Bigelow returned to the back while Russell and Brown discussed the tape before sending us to commercial.

We came back to find Russell backstage to tell us about Wednesday night’s show. HE was soon joined by Costello, the MOD Squad, and Fire. He discussed their upcoming match against Austin Idol and Buddy Landel. Costello then turned his attention to Lawler and the Hillbilly as he promised that they would pay for taking the Squad’s titles.

Russell was then joined by Bill Dundee, who was ready to hype his bullwhip match against Dutch Mantell. Dundee talked about getting the whip and using it to run Mantell out of the ring to win the match.

We headed back to the studio to see John Stewart and Van Van Horn on their way out. Their opponents were International Tag Team champions Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto. Sato said that they wanted to wrestle the best team around and they were facing two boys.

Sato and Stewart started with Sato getting a quick advantage. He rammed Stewart into the corner and brought Goto in to head butt Stewart. Stewart threw some punches and got Van Horn in only for Goto to overwhelm him. Goto bounced Van Horn’s head off Sato’s boot and tagged Sato in. Stewart got the tag and after a quick double-team, Stewart gained control until a punch from Sato turned the tide again.

Sato stomped Stewart’s head and brought Goto back in. Goto whipped Stewart across the ring and stopped him with a back elbow before punishing him with stomps. A slam followed and Goto hit a splash off the second rope before tagging Sato in.

Stewart took control and whipped Sato across the ring only for Sato to catch Van Horn with a back elbow and also put Stewart down. Sato climbed to the second turnbuckle and dropped a fist on Stewart. Sato covered and got a two count.

Sato brought Goto back in and Goto hit another head butt before cutting Stewart off from an attempted tag. Goto continued pounding the fallen Stewart and brought Sato back. Stewart fought off Sato with punches and a back body drop before covering for a one count.

Van Horn tagged in and whipped Sato across the ring. He was charging in when Sato struck him and took him down. Sato covered and got two before Stewart broke up the pin. With the ref getting Stewart out Goto raised Van Horn and Sato hit a super kick for the win.

We came back from commercials to hear more about the upcoming show.

After another quick break we saw the Nightmares stopping off at commentary. Wayne promised that there would be new tag team champions after they faced Lawler and the Hillbilly. They then headed to the ring to face David Haskins and Pat Tanaka.

Davis and Haskins started with a collar and elbow tieup. Davis broke it after getting into the ropes. Haskins didn’t let it happen again as he hip tossed Davis across the ring. The two locked up again and Davis locked in an arm wringer. Haskins reversed the hold and took Davis down, forcing Davis back into the ropes to break an attempted armbar.

Haskins caught Davis in a headlock and took Davis down. Davis quickly brought Wayne in and Haskins got control of him before tagging in Tanaka.

Tanaka started throwing kicks only for Wayne to whip him across the ring and spear him in the corner. Tanaka sent Wayne into the corner and started chopping him. Wayne reversed a whip and Tanaka got a quick pin attempt before Davis broke it up.

Davis slipped out and Haskins missed a dropkick, allowing Wayne back into the ring. Wayne back dropped Haskins and dropped a knee before hitting a body slam.

Wayne tagged back in and dropped a knee on Haskins before letting Davis back in. Haskins threw punches to try and fight back only for Wayne to distract the ref while Davis hit a piledriver. Wayne followed that with a top rope leg drop and Davis covered for the three at 4:03.

Paul Diamond came out and joined Russell at the interview set to talk about Jos LeDuc’s upcoming chain match against Jim Jameson. Diamond brought up how he’d called out LeDuc the week before only for LeDuc to ignore him. Diamond promised to do whatever he had to against LeDuc and brought up how LeDuc had always attacked him from behind.

We then found Jim Jameson in the ring, waiting for LeDuc who was carrying the chain. LeDuc said that he was fighting Jameson because Jameson was a man and could beat him.

LeDuc entered the ring and an uneasy Jameson fastened the chain to his wrist. LeDuc stalked Jameson around the ring and started punching him with the chain wrapped around his fist. LeDuc then started choking Jameson with the chain as the referee tried to break up the choke.

LeDuc kicked the bleeding Jameson and started whipping him with the chain before choking him again. Jameson reached the ropes and the ref again tried to pull LeDuc off. LeDuc chopped Jameson back to the mat before dropkicking him and covering for the win at 1:54.

LeDuc continued attacking Jameson, which prompted Diamond to hit the ring and start choking LeDuc with the chain. LeDuc made his escape as Diamond brandished the chain. LeDuc headed to the back and Diamond checked on Jameson.

We came back to see Porkchop Cash and Mad Dog, the Bruise Brothers, on their way to the ring. They were set to face Keith Erich and Keith Roberson. The bell rang and Porkchop started the match against Roberson. Porkchop took Roberson down before butt-bumping both opponents out of the ring. Erich then tagged in to try his luck and Cash tagged Mad Dog in.

Mad Dog whipped Erich across the ring and stopped him with a clothesline. Mad Dog slammed him and tagged Cash in.

Cash whipped Erich and back body dropped him before pulling him back up and dropping him with a forearm smash. They tied up and another forearm first put Erich down and a second sent Roberson from the apron to the floor.

Mad Dog splashed Erich twice as Cash kept Roberson from breaking up the pin and the Bruise Brothers got the win at 2:34.

Despina Montagas then climbed into the ring to face Debbie Combs in a non-title match. Montagas took an early advantage with a kick to Combs’s midsection before snapping her off the ropes. Montagas took Combs down with a headlock before draping Combs over the top rope and snapping her back again.

Montagas locked on another headlock and used a handful of hair to take Combs down, which Combs reversed into a head scissors. Montagas went back to the headlock and whipped Combs across the ring. She dropped Combs with a clothesline and covered for a one count.

Combs reversed a whip and took Montagas down with first one backdrop and then another. Combs started chopping Montagas before whipping her across the ring, only for Montagas to take down the ref.

Jos LeDuc came out and picked up Debbie Combs. He hit a backbreaker on Combs and pulled Montagas on top to give her the win.

Diamond came out and explained what had happened, to no avail. As the ref left, Diamond helped Combs to the back.

We returned from commercials to hear Russell talking about the Wednesday night show one more time. He was joined by Lawler and the Hillbilly. Lawler said that he’d heard that Costello was upset because the Squad had lost the belts, and Lawler added that he didn’t think that the Nightmares could take the belts away.

Mantell then came in to talk about the bullwhip match and the fact that Dundee had stolen his whip. Mantell promised to run Dundee out.

Landel then joined Russell. Landel said that first he’d enjoy seeing Mantell whip Dundee, then said that he and Idol would pay Fire and Flame back for their flame attack.

We came back for the main event as the MOD Squad, Fire, and Flame faced off against Jerry Garmon, Benny Traylor, David Haskins, and Tracy Smothers. Smothers and Spike had started, and Fire quickly tagged in as Costello headed to commentary to cheer on his teams.

Garmon and Basher tagged in and Basher quickly took advantage, and then tagged Spike in. Spike pitched Traylor across the ring and brought Traylor back to their corner, where Fire tagged in. Spike quickly followed and shoulder blocked Traylor down.

Garmon tagged back in and found himself in Costello’s corner, where Flame attacked before bringing Fire in. Fire hit a punch and brought Basher in. Basher slammed Garmon and tagged in Fire. All four men began brawling in the ring and Garmon got burned as Costello crowed at commentary. Garmon was covered and the match ended.

We came back for a second fall and Flame and Haskins started. Garmon was now absent. Flame slammed Haskins and brought the Squad in. To make things fair Fire was at ringside, although he and Flame quickly swapped places.

Basher was in the ring hammering Haskins, who was getting no offense and Fire tagged back in. Fire hit a high knee and tagged in Spike. Spike back dropped Haskins and dropped an elbow before tagging Fire back in. The two double back dropped Haskins and Fire suplexed Haskins down before tagging Basher back in as Costello returned to commentary. Smothers and Basher started throwing punches and Spike tagged in for some quick double-team action. Smothers tried to fight free and Fire hit the ring and pitched Smothers.

Flame hit Smothers with a chair and Spike pitched Smothers back into the ring. Smothers escaped Costello’s corner and Traylor tagged in. Spike dropped him over the top rope and brought Fire back in. He bounced Traylor against the corner and Basher came in. Basher flattened Traylor and started choking him.

Flame tagged in and locked in a bear hug before tagging Basher in. Basher slammed Traylor down and climbed to the second rope before dropping a knee as the show ran out of time.


Bullwhip match
Bill Dundee vs. Dutch Mantell

Austin Idol/Buddy Landel vs. Fire and Flame

Southern Tag Team titles
Jerry Lawler/Giant Hillbilly © vs. the Nightmares

Chain match
Jos LeDuc vs. Paul Diamond

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Tracy Smothers/Pat Tanaka

NWA Women’s World title match
Debbie Combs © vs. Despina Montagas

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Jeff Jarrett/Tojo Yamamoto

MOD Squad vs. the Bruise Brothers

The Hunter vs. David Haskins

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