The Mentalist Gets A New Boss

Patrick Jane is going to butt heads with a new superior next season.

Terry Kinney, who’s coming off ABC’s The Unusuals, will guest-star in at least seven episodes of CBS’ hit The Mentalist, the network confirms. He’ll play a character named Sam Bosco, the head of the California Bureau of Investigation’s serial crimes unit, which is in charge of the Red John investigation.

He and Jane (Simon Baker) will come into conflict frequently, with Jane frustrated by Bosco’s straight-arrow approach to crime-solving and Bosco looking for ways to drum Jane and his oddball methods out of the bureau.

What’s more, Bosco also has a romantic past with Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), and the two share a dark secret.

Kinney was a regular on Oz throughout its six-season run on HBO. He played Sgt. Harvey Brown on The Unusuals this season; his other credits include Kidnapped, Canterbury’s Law and The Laramie Project.

Source: Zap2It