The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 3-3 Review

In this episode of Secret Life, Grace is still coping with the death of her father and still blaming herself, Adrian, and Jack. She is not sure if she will go to her father’s funeral. Almost every student from her high school will be attending the funeral. Adrian and Ricky “break up.” Adrian begins blaming herself for Grace having sex, so she swears sex off for a while. With much convincing from Ricky, Grace attends her father’s funeral.

One thing I don’t get is why the teenagers of the show decided to make Dr. Bowman’s funeral a social gathering. It’s a funeral. It’s supposed to be for close friends and family. This is where they say their final goodbyes. Whether Grace goes to the funeral or not shouldn’t be the cause for a bet at the high school. The teenagers made the funeral into a social thing when it should have just been a reverent time to pay final respects to Dr. Bowman and his family. Why couldn’t the teenagers let it be that way?

Amy especially annoyed me this episode. She said “I’m a new mother, I’m missing out on everything.” She was mad that she had to work instead of going to the funeral. The only reason she wanted to go to the funeral in the first place was because everyone else was going to be there. She was so whiny this episode. All she did was complain about having a child and having to care for him all the time. Then when Ricky came to drop John off at daycare she was rude to him. I don’t get her at all. She doesn’t want to care for John all the time. She just wants to do it when it’s convenient for her, but when Ben or Ricky offers to help her she is reluctant to take their help. Why is that?

Ben also was very annoying this episode. All he thinks about is having sex with Amy. Does he not get that she just had a baby, which was a result of her having sex? He could try to be more understanding to her needs and not push her all the time to have sex. And what was the point of him quitting his job? There was no point. Now he has no income to help with John, which was the reason he got a job in the first place. I see a break up for Ben in Amy in the near future. I think they need to break up. Amy treats Ben horribly, but all Ben does is ask to have sex all the time. Why can’t she be nicer and he be more understanding?

Grace and Jack also were annoying in this episode. They still are blaming themselves for Dr. Bowman’s accident. They have also now blamed Adrian for it also. Who was the person who came and tried to stop Grace from having sex? Who told Grace she wasn’t ready? Adrian did. Adrian tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t listen. So why is she to blame? Really why are any of them to blame? Dr. Bowman’s plane crash was an accident. Accidents happen. Why can’t they see that?

Adrian and Ricky are “broken up” again. If you can even call it breaking up, since they weren’t really a couple in the first place. All they were doing was having sex all the time. That’s not how a relationship is supposed to be. I think Adrian is wrong, though, about Ricky not really loving her. I believe that he does truly care for her. That was made apparent by his speech to her father last week. It was made even more apparent this week when he told Ben, “Don’t have sex with her because if you do someone really will die. Because I won’t like that at all.” We know she cares deeply for him. They both care for each other. So why can’t they work it out?

Anne may be getting remarried. Isn’t it a bit soon? And she doesn’t know that the baby really is her boyfriend’s. I personally think that its George’s. I don’t think that she should marry her boyfriend. I don’t like him for some reason. I agree with her thinking that he’s only marrying her because she is pregnant. I think they are rushing things a bit. They barely know each other! So why are they rushing into marriage?

Amy believes that since she is missing out on everything that Grace may have been right. Maybe God is punishing her for having sex. Maybe John is a punishment. Thankfully her mom talked some sense into her. One thing I don’t get about Amy is that she wants to take care of her baby, but when it interferes with her life she doesn’t want to and she complains all the time about it. Did she not realize that having a baby at fifteen was going to be hard? Did she think that her perfect life was just going to go on as if nothing happened?

Daren Kagasoff, who plays Ricky, as usual did an amazing job this episode. Ricky is by far my favorite character. He has really stepped up and taken responsibility for John. He still comes around, even though Amy pushes him away and doesn’t fully trust him with John. In this episode, he did a great job with getting Grace out of the car. Some of his lines that I especially loved from this episode were, “I’m going to give you three minutes to get out of this car. Then I’ll get you out by any means necessary.” “I’d rather you be mad at me then be guilty for the rest of your life for missing his funeral.” “If you’re guilty for disappointing your father in life, are you also going to disappoint him in death?” those words were exactly what Grace needed to hear. She was feeling so guilty and she felt like she didn’t deserve to be at her father’s funeral. Ricky knew that if she missed it, she would never forgive herself. So he told her exactly what she needed to hear and got her out of that car.

Is it just me or did the funeral seem like it was anything but what Marshall Bowman would have wanted? It almost seemed silly. It was sweet, though, how it ended at the golf course with his family pouring his ashes on the ground and standing together. They finally are leaning on one another for support. I think Grace is finally going to start the healing process and stop blaming herself.

This was by far my favorite episode so far. Ricky was just amazing and Grace is finally getting closure. Adrian is finally swearing off sex, like she should have done a long time ago. I doubt it last very long because for some reason she keeps running back to Ricky. Amy and Ben are still annoying but they are getting better. I am really looking forward to next week’s episode and I can’t wait to see what happens to these characters!