Tobey Maguire to Headline Indie Black Comedy

Tobey Maguire (replacing James McAvoy because of schedule conflicts) joins Elizabeth Banks in the film about a struggling married couple who, already struggling with issues like infidelity and whether they should stay married, see their lives further complicated by ravenous raccoons burrowing under the sod in their back yard. A disagreement over how to dispatch the pests creates a chain reaction of mishaps that include a murder by bow and arrow.

The cast also includes Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert and Anna Friel. Laura Linney is attached to play an eccentric neighbor.

The Details is written and directed by Jacob Estes (of Mean Creek previously).

Estes said of Maguire’s character that he is “an everyman in the sense that he is composed of a morally ambiguous core. He has good intentions, but he makes a lot of self-destructive mistakes.”

Next for Maguire is Brothers from director Jim Sheridan.

Source: Variety

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