So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 5-10 Review

I have a feeling I’m not going to like the eliminations tonight…

The show kicks off with a fantastic routine by NappyTabs to “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. I love it. As much as I hate their lovey-dovey-Evan-and-Randi-are-preggers-with-Halos kind of thing, NappyTabs have a way of pulling off awesome.

Nigel takes a moment to address the ideas floating around of a Michael Jackson tribute show. Apparently they tried and all the choreographers were for it… and for whatever reason, the show wasn’t given rights to the songs. That’s disappointing. This show could have done a brilliant tribute. My heart goes out to Wade Robson, who is a dancer simply because of Michael Jackson, and could have brought us something magical. He’s that kind of choreographer.

Our results trickle in. Caitlin and Jason are not safe (My heart bleeds! But I’m not surprised), Evan and Randi are safe (HUH? Color me shocked!), and Melissa and Ade are not safe (I guess that means I’m not the only one finds them blah).

Phillip and Jeanine are not safe tonight. Cat asks for his thoughts on this, and Nigel makes a litte speech that makes him sound like a jerk. He says the judges find out who is in danger on Thursday mornings and have more or less already made their decision by show time, and maybe sometimes a solo can potentially change their mind but that doesn’t really happen. Well. That explains why Kupono was saved in lieu of Maksim even though he can’t dance a solo to save his skin. I will say it again, Nigel is an idiot and I guess he really likes to stick his foot in his mouth. His little speech basically told Phillip that he is gone tonight but will still go on the tour as a swing dancer – no, not the Lindy Hop. It means an alternate dancer in case of injuries, etc. Someone shove a birthday crumpet in Nigel’s mouth.

Solo time! Caitlin is great, as usual, Jason is good and good looking, as usual, Phillip is an arm flutter, and Ade, simply put, brings it like it’s never been broughten. That was one hell of a solo. The judges leave to “make their decision” even though Nigel had implied it was sort of a done deal, and Kelly Rowland is on stage to perform. She does it well and she does it live, which is better than that DeBarge girl from a few weeks back who ruined music forever by lip syncing “Na Na Na Na Goodbye”. I will never forgive her for that. Please send her back from whence she came and keep her there. Thanks!

We all know who is going home, and Nigel uncerimoniously announces that Caitlin and Phillip are out of this competition. I’m surprised Phillip lasted this long, and I agree it is his time to go. But Caitlin is the very first elimination this season that I really take to heart. I liked her, rooted for her, and loved her humor – who else could cope with Brian Friedman’s Alien Death Match with such grace? Nigel also makes it a point to announce that he has secured with the producers spots on the tour for both Caitlin and Phillip. I guess that’s a nice parting gift.

Caitlin and Jason sob and hug as the credits roll. They may not have found chemistry on the dance floor, but it seems like they were good friends offstage. This only makes it sadder, and I vow that if Nigel Lythgoe is so rude once again this season, he will get a 60th birthday sized whooping.