A Modest Blog on FCW

WWE has taken a lot of heat for Florida Championship Wrestling. First, it was that they really shouldn’t do their development in house, since it limits style and self-expression of talent, and later it became a “how dare they close OVW” issue, as FCW seemed unprepared to be the main developmental spot. Both fears have seemingly proved unfounded, happily, and FCW is rolling along.

First, the wrestlers in FCW have come from a variety of different backgrounds, so the homogenization of styles hasn’t bee severe at all. Wrestlers like The Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, and Kaval (Low Ki) have risen or are rising at an extraordinary pace, despite receiving initial training outside of the WWE’s watchful gaze, while those trained mostly in FCW like Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston have been some of the WWE’s more interesting recent wrestlers, utilizing something outside of the house style.

While this was going on, FCW became a really good promotion, with top notch television and good up and comers. They’ve been hurt by so many recent graduates to ECW, but to see some really good wrestling and wrestlers rise up the card, fans should really check youtube, daily motion, or other video sites to see just how good some of these new guys are, or check out how their favorites on WWE television began.

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