Big Brother – Episode 11-1 Review

A new year. A new season. A new bunch of houseguests. A new twist. A new house. A new game.

These you can always count on as a new season of Big Brother begins, and Big Brother 11 is no different. After the houseguests were announced on July 1 and a mystery houseguest was announced as well, speculation and rumors flew around the web as to who it may be.  And I’ll admit, I never suspected who it actually was until I saw them. But more on that later.

The show, like always, begins with Julie revealing the house, followed by the completely authentic and not scripted at all montage of the houseguests receiving their keys. First impressions of the houseguests, I’m not really too impressed. Last season’s casting was great and there were a lot of diverse characters, but this year it just seems like I’ve seen them all before. There might be a few shining stars here or there, and hopefully they’ll stick around for a while and make this a good season.

After the ridiculousness that is the opening montage, the houseguests finally arrive into the studio and get the normal talk from Julie. Take a good look around you. Some will be your enemies. Some will be your best friend. Blah blah blah. On to the show.

The HG’s enter the house in groups of four, coincidentally one person from each “clique” that will be explained later in the episode. Getting a good bed in big brother is essential and looking at those beds, none looked too appealing. Makes me glad I’m on the other side of the tv screen!

Following the exact format of every other big brother premiere EVER, all the HG’s sat in a circle and told about themselves. In my opinion, the dumbest move so far in the game was made here. Natalie thinks it’s smart to lie about her success as a Tae Kwon Do champion, which wouldn’t be a bad idea, but she comes up with the genius idea of telling everyone she’s 18 years old. WHAT? If she makes it to the end of the game, Natalie will spend 3 months in the house, where everyone gets bored and tells story after story about themselves. She’s going to slip up.  Kevin already has his suspicions. There is no way she’ll be able to keep the facade up, and when she’s caught she’ll just look like a liar to everyone. Like in BB9 when Sheila and Allison pretended they were lesbians as a joke, people got angry with them. Lying about stupid stuff reveals that you can lie about anything, and people lose trust in you. Of course, this probably won’t be the dumbest move of the game, but it definitely has been so far.

If I went through all my opinions on the houseguests, this blog would be much too long. So I’ll keep it to just my favorites and least favorites at the end of this post.

Finally the twist of the game was revealed to the HG’s. CLIQUES! High school never ends I guess. Honestly, I don’t like this twist at all. Not at all. To me, it just seems like a convenient way for the producers to control alliances and pit people against each other.  I wish the producers would have less involvement in the strategy of the game, but Grodner does what she thinks is best. After reading a few of my blogs, you’ll find I have a rather strong hatred towards Grodner. RATHER strong.

Anyways, Julie reveals to the audience that there’s four mystery people that could be coming back into the game, and once I found out there was four it was obvious that each one would be assigned to a clique. Out of the people coming back, Brian is the only one I really didn’t want to see return. He left first last season for a reason.

Luckily it was an endurance competition and the Braiacs clique Brian was assigned to did not perform well and Brian was eliminated first. Thank goodness. But before going on, I’d just like to say that this challenge was insanely clever. I loved it and it really fit the feel of the season well. Seeing grown men and women literally getting wedgies (and eventually, at the request of Cowboy, Brian, Jessica and Jessie, SUPER wedgies), well where else besides Big Brother can you see that? Still, because it was an endurance competition, the outcome of the competition was pretty much expected. The athletes won, and Jessie became the thirteenth houseguest in the game and the first HoH.

My first response was UGHHHHHH! I completely despised Jessie last season, and don’t expect him to get any better this season. Actually, he seemed to have a much bigger head, if that’s even possible. But after thinking about it, he was entertaining. The week he left made for some interesting TV, which is why I think the producers wanted him to come back. So I like that he came back, as long as he crashes and burns and gets evicted in some hilarious way. If he makes it far, well I won’t be pleased.

So despite the “super wedgies”, the athletes won safety for the week, and Jessie came back into the house. Ehhhh… it could have been worse I guess.

Sadly, I thought the premiere was mediocre at best. It seemed like a carbon copy of most other premieres, and almost half the episode was spent solely on watching people hang from toilet seats. Hopefully the premiere doesn’t set the tone for the entire season, or we’ll have a boring summer on our hands. Still, things are bound to get more interesting!

FAVORITES LIST – Chima, Kevin, Casey, Jordan, Lydia

HATRED LIST – Laura, Braden, Ronnie

Next sunday is the nominations and PoV competition, so hopefully some good can come out of that! Mabye Laura and Braden get nominated? One can only dream.