Edge Surgery Update & Video

WWE.com has posted an update on Edge and the surgery he had on his torn Achilles tendon. Edge noted that “As soon as it happened, I said I blew my Achilles out. Right away I knew. Then, I started going through, ‘okay, how long is recuperation time?”

Dr. James Andrew, who performed the surgery, said the tendon shredded into pieces. You can check out a video of the procedure here. The footage is rather graphic, showing the tendon completely torn apart on two sides.

Dr. Andrews cannot estimate how long Edge will be out as it remains to be seen how well the tendon will heal. He said patience will be necessary to allow the ankle to heal properly. “For actual recovery and back to full activities, there’s certain healing restraints with Mother Nature. We have to be realistic with our estimations. It just takes a long time to heal. You have to be patient with it.”

At the very earliest, WWE hopes that Edge could return for Royal Rumble 2010.

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