Guide to GI Joe: Rise of Cobra Basic Figures

Confused as to what’s available for the new GI Joe: Rise of Cobra 3¾ line? Ya, me too. Since Hasbro hasn’t really issued any sort of guidelines, I decided to go out and try and figure it out on my own.

To start, it looks like they are stealing the age old format of Star Wars and having 2 ‘Collections.’ What’s the point of this? I imagine it is to help keep retailers happy, and have a bunch of different figures on the pegs while keeping different assortments heavy with key characters (Duke, Cobra Commander, Ripcord and so on).

Soooooooooooooooo, here is a listing of each Wave of figures (with pictures), all of which are due out by the end of the month.

Collection 1, Wave 1
-Baroness (Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit)
-Destro (Weapons Supplier)
-Duke (Desert Ambush)
-Neo-Viper (Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit)
-Snake Eyes (Ninja Commando)
-Storm Shadow (Ninja Mercenary)

Collection 1, Wave 2
-Cobra Commander
-Duke (Reactive Impact Armor)
-Ice-Viper (Arctic Assault)
-Scarlett (Desert Ambush)
-Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
-Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

Collection 1, Wave 3
-Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
-Duke (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit)
-Para-Viper (Cobra Paratrooper)
-Rex ‘The Doctor’ Lewig (Chief Experimental Doctor)
-Ripcord (Reactive Impact Armor)
-Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault)
-Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)

Collection 2, Wave 1
-Breaker (Technical Surveillance)
-Cobra Viper (Desert Ambush)
-Heavy Duty (Heavy Weapons Specialist)
-Ripcord (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit)
-Scarlett (Covert Operations)
-Shipwreck (Naval Command)
-Zartan (Master of Disguise)

Collection 2, Wave 2
-Agent Helix (Covert Operations)
-Cobra Eel (Underwater Trooper)
-Cover Girl (Special Weapons Officer)
-Crimson Neo-Viper (Cobra Royal Guard)
-Deep Six (Combat Diver)
-Elite-Viper (Elite Regiment Officer)
-Flash (Laser Weapon Trooper)
-General Hawk (Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit)
-G.I. Joe Pit Commando (Covert Miltary Forces)
-Heavy Duty (Reactive Impact Armor)
-Sgt. Stone (Special Forces Commando)

I had some help with this from & Most of these are out now!


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