So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 5-10 Review

It’s elimination night and I’m super excited for the results to be announced and the top ten revealed.

The opening number was hip hop number choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” It was fun, rough, hard-hitting and was just perfect. From the costumes, to the musicality to the intricacies of the movement it was just fun to watch. I love NappyTabs’ lyrical choreography, but it’s good to know that they can make something a little rough and edgier.

The first couples to the stage are Caitlin and Jason and Janette and Brandon, and with the way the latter couple stole the show with both of their dances last night, I think it’s obvious that Caitlin and Jason are the ones in the bottom.

The second couples to the stage are Randi and Evan and Janine and Phillip. I had some fears that both of these couples were going to be in the bottom after the horrendous samba and awkward Russian folk dance. It’s sad because not only and a an avid Phillip fanatic, I’m a bonafied Kasprzactivist. But I’m glad that the lovely NappyTabs piece choreographed for Randi and Evan put them through to the top ten. That means that Janine and Phillip are in the bottom, and although it’s sad, it was not unexpected.

The third couples were Melissa and Ade and Kayla and Kupono. I must say that I thought that Kayla and Kupono would be in the bottom because of their much lesser fanbase as compared to Melissa and Ade, but I am wholeheartedly glad that I was wrong. Melissa and Ade deserved to be in the bottom for the horrible disco and their uninspiring and pedestrian waltz. I think in the they’ll make it to the top ten, but I’m glad that they are no longer completely untouchable.

Caitlin’s solo was first. I think that other then the Bollywood performance during the top twenty this was the biggest display of personality from her during performances. I think she brought life and fun and sweetness to her dancing. I just loved it. I wish she could bring her personality to life during the couples performance. I am however afraid that she’s going to be leaving tonight.

Jason’s solo was energetic but it wasn’t my favorite of his solos. I enjoy that his dancing is masculine and strong. I also enjoy that he didn’t have a shirt. Haha.  I think he’ll be safe though.

Janine’s solo was not at all interesting in my opinon. I hated the song, I didn’t like her costume and it was boring and it seemed like she was dancing heavily. I think Caitlin’s solo was better by far, but Janine’s canon of work on the whole is much stronger so I think that’s she’ll be safe.

Phillip’s solo was the best of the night, but I think he’s going home because he is not versatile and not reaching his full potential. I think that he is just a genius of movement and musicality. I just smile every time I see his solos.

Melissa’s solo was HORRIBLE. I hate to be so mean about it but the costume was horrible, the music was uninspired and not gelling with the choreography and the choreography was boring. I think she’ll be safe but I really really did not like her solo work.

On the other hand Ade’s solo was incredible. It was creative and original: the epitome of “bringing it.” I know he will be safe. I’m glad he brought her power.

In the end Caitlin and Phillip went home with the gaurentee that they will be going on tour, which makes me smile. I think the right people went home and I’m excited for next week. Bravo to Caitlin and Phillip!