This August, MTI Will Have Us Seeing a Ghost Image

Starring Elizabeth Rohm (of Angel and Law and Order fame), Ghost Image tells the story of a young video editor who loses her boyfriend in a car crash. To console herself she begins obsessively watching a video taken of him the night before the crash, but soon strange things begin happening and she starts having conversations with the dead man. Is she losing her mind? Is his ghost caught in the video? Find out August 25th!

The supernatural thriller will retail for $24.95. Extra features include
– Filmmaker’s Commentary which includes Director Jack Snyder (me!) Producer Srikant Chellappa, and Director of Photography Chris Benson.
– 19.5 minutes of deleted and extended scenes.
– 4.5 minutes of outtakes.
– “The Making of Ghost Image” featurette which runs 25.5 minutes.
– A music video of the end credits song, “Shattered”.
– The Ghost Image trailer.


Source: MTI Home Video