Kurt Angle Talks Transition To Acting, Vince McMahon

TNA World Champion Kurt Angle talked with Films in Review’s Franco Frassetti about his transition from the ring to film. Angle says he wants to follow in Dwayne Johnson’s foot steps and become a full time actor after his contract with TNA ends in two years. He credits WWE Films for helping open people’s eyes to what wrestlers can do on film.

In discussing his film career, Angle talks about an upcoming film role where he plays a character inspired by a certain Russian MMA fighter:

The movie I am working on right now is called WARRIOR. …[the story] stemmed from a guy name Fedor Emelianenko who is a highly respected fighter from Russia. He’s done so well, but a lot of people don’t even know who he is yet because he hasn’t fought under UFC.

Angle also touches on his relationship with Vince McMahon, the events that led up to his release, and whether he misses WWE:

I had some bad feelings because of the way I left WWE. When I thought about it, and my behavior, I then realized Vince McMahon really wasn’t at fault, it was really me.

I love Vince. I always will. It was time for me to leave and I think Vince knew or he would have never released me.

Do I regret it? No. Do I regret not working for Vince sometimes? I miss it, I don’t regret it. I miss the comradery we had, and miss some of the ideas Vince had.

Other topics include why Angle prefers working as a heel and his obligatory thoughts on the Wrestler.

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